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How did the forces of the market revolution heighten the tension over slavery? (Essay Sample)


How did the forces of the market revolution heighten the tension over slavery? make sure your answer discuss : a- Improvement in transportation and westward development. b- Attempts to address slavery concerns in the years leading up the civil war? Important note 1-Please only write the essay summary according to the textbook of ERIC FONER “Give me Liberty” Volume I / 13th edition , No other textbooks are accepted . 2-Focus on the last chapters of the textbook mentioned above. 3-Please do not use internet or Wikipedia or other resources 4-Do not use resources 5-Please use sample words . Thanks please use only the textbook of Eric Foner 13th edition " Give me Liberty " Volume I and no internet or other sources or wekipedia or other textbooks are accepted please I just want them to answer to the question by using the Eric Fonr textbook 13th edition Volume I " Give me Liberty " and to focus on the last chapters when I mentined to focus on the last chapters of the textbook I meant to stop at the chapter 15 Reconstruction 1865-1877 ( what is freedom ) but they will need to include the chapters before this last chapter which I believe they start from chapter 9 ( Market Revolution ) - chapter 10-chapter 11-chapter 12-chapter 13-chapter 14 and the last chapter is chapter15 Reconstruction 1865-1877 ( what is freedom ) http://www(dot)mediafire(dot)com/view/1j5kg0yf4olz85i/american%20history%20%201%20to%2015.pdf

How did the forces of the market revolution heighten the tension over slavery?
In the book, Give me liberty! Foner (2005) explains that market revolution increased the tension concerning slave trade, slavery as well the aspect of freedom and liberty in America. According to him, the market revolution promoted freedom in the sense that it offered individuals an opportunity to deviate from their conventional ways in seeking novel ways of making a living. It also required freedom since people had to move around in order to look or perform their work, set or do their businesses. Apparently, the market revolution also required more slaves to work in textile industries owing to increased demand for apparel commodities. This high demand was largely fuelled by the increased quantity of cotton that were coming from South America. This is the reason for the increased demand for more slaves as cheap labor.
Foner articulates that the market revolution necessitated an efficient means of transportation of goods and items utilized for communication purposes. In this perspective, slaves also found it easier to communicate and be transported since it was not yet abolished to its fullest. Their increased demand were also fuelled by the increase in product demand, the urgency of reaching markets and the necessity of delivering crucial information.
In essence, the market revolution altered the perspective of manual labor in America. There was an urgent need for cheap labor to produce and transport the commodities. Apart from increasing industrialization, it also lead to a powerful economy, which superseded those of other European nations at that particular time. The revolution saw the development of a new transportation and communication means as well as organization of labor owing to the need to process and transport the goods.
Not only the market revolution enhanced industrialization at that time, but it al...
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