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Ideological Differences: The Cold War (Essay Sample)


The cold war lasted approx 45 years. During this time, many conflicts manifested themselves. Describe the crucial events, ideologies and conflicts that shaped the Cold war. Describe everything that happened from the beginning to the end.
Make sure to have 5-6 paragraphs or two pages long, and that is sounds like a high school student.


Ideological Differences
The tension between the Soviet Union and the United States of America is known in the history as Cold War. It is named as the Cold War because even though there was an incredibly high active tension between two nations, there were no active war due to the fear of nuclear escalation. Both the Soviet Union and United States were known as powerful countries with its own power and forces. The cold war was a significant period which consisted of several events between the two nations and their allies which includes the competition in conquering space, forces, and brinkmanship. Ideological differences, distrust and misperception, fear of prevailing communism and nuclear arms race had led conflict and competition between the United States and the Soviet Union.
During the Cold War, there were two main ideologies: the capitalism and communism, which caused conflicts between the two nations to arise. The Soviet Union was a Communist country ruled by a dictator whose principle was to prioritize the needs of the state over personal human rights. United States, on the other hand, was a country with democracy which opposed the spread of communism. Communism is a system which is based on socialism and Marxism. Its goal is upon the idea of developing a society through a public ownership by removing any form of social classes. Moreover, it centers on the conditions of the working class and the existing income gap. Contrarily, capitalism is the system based on the values of an individual which advocates individual liberty on government regulation and control. It is

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