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Cross-Cultural Exchanges (Essay Sample)

NO OUTSIDE SOURE OR APA PLEASE USE THIS SOURCE ONLY PLEASE! TRADITIONS AND ENCOUNTERS BY JERRY H. BENTLEY AND HERBERT F. ZIEGLER PLEASE FOLLOW DIRECTION ESSAY AND A THESIS – PLEASE ! SCAN INFORMATION HAS BEEN ATTACHED TO Discussion 2: Cross-Cultural Exchanges As Chapter 12 in Bentley and Ziegler illustrates, the empires we are studying did not exist in a bubble. Instead they became linked to the other empires through a variety of human travelers. For this discussion describe how one specific cross-cultural exchange worked to link together two or more different empires or groups of people. Be specific in your response. Instead of saying religion linked together two empires; describe how one specific religion, like Buddhism or Christianity, linked together disparate peoples. You can use the examples from Chapter 12 or any of the previous chapters we have examined. In addition to human exchanges, disease is another point of cross-cultural exchange you can also look at in your response. A cross-cultural exchange is where an idea, goods, or even disease are exchanged/transmitted by the people of one civilization to the people of another civilization. One thing to do is to try to not post the same thing over and over again. Look for a topic that has not been already address by your peers or try to produce a new angle for your response. That way we do not end up with 15 initial response posts about the Silk Roads. source..
Cross-Cultural Exchanges
Thesis statement
During the early civilization, various empires connected to one another through the different cross-cultural links that spread everywhere. Disease is one of the links that united the empires across geographical divides and time.
As the empires expanded and became more sophisticated in terms of development, they realized that interaction with other empires highly improved their chances of prospering. It is for this reason that the silk roads came to be very famous, for trade and religious exploits. Biological agents also found their way to other empires through these roads. Contagious and infectious diseases found their way into new areas and victims. The diseases moved to unexposed populations carried in fruits and nuts. Although the demographics information available is sc...
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