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Submit an initial post. Forum Discussion. Social Darwinism (Essay Sample)


Submit an initial post to the question below by this Friday. Your initial post will be approximately 250 words (1 page double-spaced).
Read Chapter 1 (pp. 23-52, 64-71) Preview the documentof the textbook.
Social Darwinism
In the late 19th century the dominant role of employers was justified by the theory of social Darwinism, which provided a rationale for the wide gap in wealth/income/power between working people and employers.
The debate over social Darwinism continues today. In 2012 President Barack Obama criticized a federal budget proposal offered by Republicans as "thinly veiled social Darwinism" because it sharply reduced taxes for millionaires while cutting public spending on education, justice and medical research. Go to: https://www(dot)theguardian(dot)com/world/2012/apr/03/obama-accuses-republicans-social-darwinism-budget (Links to an external site.) ).
What is social Darwinism and how does it justify the wealth and power of employers and other rich people?
What is your own view about social Darwinism? Do you agree or disagree with its main points?
In your submissions to the forum discussion, please support your view by citing material from the assigned readings.


Forum discussion 1
Social Darwinism is an illogical reasoning based on Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. Darwin’s theory indicates that living things adapt to their surroundings through evolution. However, extinction is the price for those that do not evolve. Even though this concept is only applicable to biological processes, the wealthy use it to explain their economic power. 

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