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Patient Interview (Essay Sample)


Hi this assignment about interview clients to assess their activities of daily living (ADLs) in relation to their determinants of health, including medication/substance intake and ethical considerations. you can find every thing in the attached files plus I sent you an example with feedback 69% according to the marking guide. I want you to chose the 6 question and make the scenario and try to chose questions which let the client to talk and give information. Make the man 70 years old having ( diabetes, hypertension, and back injury). The man can do some activity but not hard activity due to his medical situation . Try to include some thing related to his food in take. Any point your are covering you need evidence and explanation how this issue affect his daily activity. I will give you 2 website and you can get the other 9 references ( anything except Book please don't use it) page number must be added (intext and reference list ) thank you


Patient Interview

The following essay is a documentation of an interview that was conducted on a patient within the neighboring community, with a purpose to identify some medical backgrounds and lifestyle aspect relations. The main premise of the interview was hinged on identifying that various perspectives that the identified patient had towards healthy living as well as uncover some of the activities of daily living with respect to the way that they were influencing his health. Relative to the patient confidentiality, the names and the address of the patient are withheld as stated in the consent form signed before the commencement of the interview (Code of ethics for nurses - August 2008 - rebranded, 2008). Relative to the prior arrangements the interview was held on the second day of May 2015 at the Home Care nursing home. The interview lasted around 50 minutes, during which period some six question that were health determinant were addressed, in light of their daily activities and their health status. The main questions were related to the feeding habits, toileting abilities, grooming, bathing, walking/transferring and medication.
The six questions form the basis of better understanding the medical problems associated with the patient. Health conditions and even diseases are largely associated with the lifestyle that the patient adopts on their daily life (Shaw, 2015). Activities that would be considered normal are the main elements that show the actual health conditions that the patient is bound to deal with. Aspects such as the feeding habits and the diets incorporated in the foods are crucial elements that determine the patients’ health before, now and in the future. Aspects such social life and physical activities have been found to have some significant impact of the patients’ health and doctors and researchers have always advised their patient to watch these elements closely to make sure that they are living a balanced life (, 2015). Health does not just refer to the absence of disease, but also the element of socially being incapable to connect and mentally being able to connect and relate with general stimuli within the environment and within the body. Medication intake is one of the widely known elements of treating medical conditions and disease and thus will play a great role in the health of the patient as well better understanding the condition of the patient (Shaw, 2015). As such, these questions will form a profound basis of understanding the interviewees health status and what they are doing about it that is beneficial and that which is not.
The interview observed the necessary ethical considerations to make sure that the confidentiality of the patient of the patient and their personal information that could identify them was withheld. Prior to the interview, the patient also filled and signed a consent form requiring that none of his identification information would be disclosed in the essay. The interview and thus the essay adhere with the Code of Ethics for Nurses in Australia 2008, which safeguards the confidentiality of the patient (Code of ethics for nurses - August 2008 - rebranded, 2008). Prior to beginning the interview, the patient was made aware of the procedures that would be followed and their significance to the paper. Part of the information that came from the interview about patient was that he had been serving in the army and later took up a job at a security firm. The patient on the day of the interview was 70 years old and was suffering from a back injury, diabetes and hypertension.
In light of the first question about the diet of the patient, they revealed that the nutrition doctor had advised the nurses to give the patient foods that were low on starch and high on proteins and fiber. He was also adv...
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