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Adult Education and Career-Development (Essay Sample)


Imagine your local newspaper printed a story regarding the lack of adult education and training opportunities in your area. Readers are encouraged to write in to the paper to express their support for more opportunities.
Just a professional Letter. 
Write a 750- to 1,000-word letter describing the need for effective adult education. Make sure to address
who the adult learner is
history of adult education
changing demographics
government push to educate adults
principles of adult education
Include at least four sources in your letter.
Thank you!!

Student Name:
Adult Education
An adult learner is a person at least 21 years of age and has gone back to school to gain some knowledge. Sometimes, this adult education is referred to as andragogy. They usually have taken a break from formal education to concentrate on other activities (Hamilton). Many do have a long work experience but lack the necessary formal education. If given a chance, these adult learners would enhance their skills and might even improve our economy further. Adult education is supported and enforced through the Adult Education Act. Much has been documented about Kennedy’s efforts to do away with illiteracy and poverty. Successive presidents like Johnson introduced programs meant to improve the education standards at the time.
Consequently, an Act was passed that initiated the Adult Education program with the aid of Federal government. The Act, known as Economic Opportunity Act Title II B of Public Law 88-452 was passed on 20th August 1964 funded by a state grant. It received a high adult subscription, about 37,991 adults. The initial age for enrollment into the program was 18 years and older (Hake). These comprised of those who had dropped out of school and could neither read nor write. Inability to perform these impaired their career growth and some could not even retain their modes of employment.
The main purpose of adult education may vary depending on the individual. Some of the reasons for adult education include:
For fun
The government has invested much in adult education for the benefit of the society. It has allocated grants and other resources tailored to improve literacy levels among the adult students. Campaigns have also been carried out to enlighten the public about adult education and its benefits. Typical efforts include the recruitment of more staff for the program. This would enable more centers to be opened and attract more adult learners (Hake). Adult literacy levels among countries and states vary necessitating the need to uphold adult education. Therefore, the government should push harder for the education of more parents across the country.
Understanding the behavior of the adult learners is key for effective teaching. It might be assumed that these adult learners are self-motivated and are ready to learn, but experience a hoard of challenges in the process. It is critical that the teachers follow the laid out principles so that they learn best. The sam...
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