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Sociologists Approach by Marx, Durkheim and Weber on Religion (Essay Sample)

Sociologists approach using theories offered by Marx, Durkheim and Weber. Compare two of these theories to religion Dear writer this is an exam question Please write it in a simple way as I need to learn it off by heart for a sociology exam question write it clear its out of 40 use terms and sociology words as its for sociology I have attached a lecture thing on it if you want you can use things Don't reference as I cant in the exam write in your own words source..

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(07 June, 2011)   Sociologists Approach by Marx, Durkheim and Weber on Religion
The sociology of religion is mainly concerned with the roles that the religion play in the society and entails the practices, developments, historical backgrounds and universal themes and these roles have been recurring in all the societies throughout the history. The works of Marx Weber and Karl max emphasizes on the relationship between the religion and economic or social structure of the society. Religion has for a long time been a subject of speculation and theory and some of its subjects like the origin of human race have remained insoluble mysteries that confront the mind of man.
On the basis of scientific sociology of religion and in the sense of typological understanding and objective understanding Weber’s sociology plays a significant role. On the other hand Weber rejected the Karl Marx’s evolutionary law of class society and the Durkheim’s sustained law of moral society making him establish an understanding of sociology on the subjective meaning regarding inaction or action. Marx believed that the society, state serve to produce religion which is often an inverted consciousness of the world and this is because they are an inverted world. In this Marx implies that the critique of religion becomes foundational in nature because it’s responsible for producing an inverted illusion that world of religion form the ‘real; part whereas the physical world being the shadow of the real almost as described by Hegel and Kant. Generally Marx argues that religion form the mans consciousness as well as the self awareness thus becoming ontologically similar to the Weber and the Durkheim which believe that religion is a reflection of humanity and not of the god implying that the gods sought in religion are basically ourselves.
In addition to that Weber elaborated on set of categories like the types of prophecy, ideas of spirituals powers, routinization among other categories which severed to become tools that were used to deal with comparative material thus referred to as the founding father of comparative sociology. Weber’s theory holds that no universal law of society exists as opposed in natural science or even the law of history which determines the course of dynamism.
Durkheim saw religion as a reflection of the concerns of the society and saw religion as a concept o...
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