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Critical health problems (Essay Sample)

Read the following article then summarize it briefly and include your opinion of the events. Afterwards, include another paragraph exploring why most teens in America commit suicide. Keep it to about 500 words. Here is the link for the article http://www(dot)nydailynews(dot)com/news/national/calif-high-school-denies-audrie-pott-reported-bullying-article-1.1320368#ixzz2QpuYNMqh source..
Critical heath problems
Suicide is an act of intentionally causing someone his or her own death. Suicide is mostly committed out of desolation the cause of which is frequently caused by mental disorder such as depression, alcoholism, bipolar disorder, hopelessness or drug abuse. Stress factor such as economic difficulty and interpersonal relationship also plays a role in suicide. Sexual assault may bring up personal stress which leads to depressions resulting to someone committing suicide. Sexual assault is any kind of involuntary sexual act in which someone is threatened or forced to engage in sex against their will or any sexual touching of someone without their consent. Sexual assault is a statutory offence which is charged in law in various jurisdictions and defined as unwanted sexual contact that is interpreted as rape or an attempted rape.
Audrie Pott a 15 years old girl had attended a party at friend`s house where she passed out drunk. She woke up later and concluded that she had been sexually assaulted. Learning about the incidence through the marks she found a cross her private parts including the names of her friends responsible. The following days she was surprised to see unconcealed photos of herself circulate among her classmates along with emails and text messages about the occurrence. And eight days later she committed suicide. She left comments on Facebook that "I` in hell. Everyone knows about that night" and "the whole school knows". In my opinion the act of sexual attack and displaying her photos to everyone in the school brought about despair to her leading to emotional stress and depression which led to suicide. She got into a psychological state as she became hopeless, lost pleasure in life, anxious and depressed. And committing suicide was her way of escaping bullying and prejudice.
Her family through their lawyer Allard filed a suit accusing the three boys and owners of the house with the death of Audrie Pott. He said she committed suicide following sexual assault from the three boys. He also accused the district school for negligence.
A Northern California sheriff`s police arrested the three 16 year`s teens. They appeared in juvenile court in San Jose on Tuesday where they faced several charges of forcible sexual penetration, misdemeanor sexual battery, and distribution of child pornography.
The school rejected the charge against them on negligence. The school said that they had carried an internal audit on its staff and counseling records to find out if the girl had reported or sought for counseling. The investigation showed she never sought or reported. In my opinion the school was supposed to expel the accused teens from the school on learning their action to the girl. And they were responsible to find and give the girl counseling.
In my opinion the accused teens are supposed to be charged for the act by the court and sentenced for imprisonment and punishme...
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