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Appeal Suspension: My Academic Suspension Assignment (Essay Sample)


1.Explain the reasons that led to your poor academic performance.
2.Summarize how the circumstances have changed or improved which will enable you to perform successfully in future semesters.
3.Supporting documentation must be attached to this appeal form to substantiate any mitigating circumstances that led to your suspension.
My information:
last semester my GPA was 1.6, and this year my GPA was 2.1, thus, the accumulative grade is below 2.0, which lead to a suspension.
Last year I got a probation because of the 1.6 GPA. I failed in two courses and both of them are economics courses, and thats why I changed my major to Mathematics in the next semester.
This year I got a 2.1 because i got a D in Computer science, which I thought i did put my effort and my time and still couldn't do it well.
I have no idea that i have a suspension till last night. I haven't check my school email after i went back to china because i knew i got a 2.1 and its above 2.0, I should be fine. After I got my first probation last semester, I talked to the dean and he told me I would be fine as long as I don't get more below-2.0 GPA. He never told me that I could get a suspension even if my gpa is above 2.1.
I don't know how to make this appeal convincible since all the reasons for my low grade is actually due to myself. however, it's okay if you just make up some stories to explain my situation, such as a week or two absence because of family's illness, etc.
Thank you and please finish it as soon as possible, so we can have time to revise it if needed.
If there's any further questions, feel free to contact me.


Suspension Appeal
This writing is to appeal for my academic suspension from the University. It was shocking and upsetting to get a letter whose information was not good at all. It was informing me of my suspension. This was shocking since I had been suspended the same year and I had tried to put more effort. With a kind request, I would like to urge for the reinstatement for the next semester.
My performance is poor, and I have no excuse for that. My writing here, therefore, is not meant to make any excuses but to explain what prevailed that made my grade suffer. Last semester, I had a difficult time. I had put much more effort in my academics to improve my academics after I got a dismissal last year. I had a difficult time in grasping economic courses which led to the poor grade. I had to change to mathematical courses which are my stronghold, and I was sure I would do well here. I caught up so well till the time when uninvited tragedy fell on my family back in China.
My mother was in bad shape regarding her health. She had been struggling with sickness for some time, but she had fought so w

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