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English Essay Assignment: A Tiny Speck, Class For Review (Essay Sample)


Type a two page essay on the topic #1, #4, or #7 on p. 88 of the text. Do not forget to pre-write. Print the draft and bring it to class for review on Thursday.

A Tiny Speck
It is not every day that one experiences events that stick with you for the rest of your life. Some events have the effect of burning images in your mind and there is not much one can do to erase them or replace the memories with pleasant ones. It was on a Friday, some few minutes after noon and I had come from a meeting where the project manager had complained about the progress of the various sections of the project. I was tired, battled and simply felt like escaping the moment.
Back at my desk, behind my seat was a large French window that overlooked onto the highway and parts of the city outskirts. This was one of my happy places as I would simply stand facing the areas down below as people went on their activities. They were oblivious of a person on the 57th floor who was tired from an entire two hours of negativity in a single morning to last a week. They looked relaxed as they walked or drove along. Did they know how I was feeling? Why do they seem so free and I feel caged? May be they are batting their own issues, I will not judge. Besides we all have something that we are struggling with and it not okay to assume that one is okay simply because they do not show.
On the highway vehicles were fast moving and this did not make the situation better as I now felt even more stuck and all these people seemed to be in high speed to their destiny, meanwhile I was a tiny speck on the 57th floor on the outskirts of the city that none of them could even see or even glance in my way. I needed a change of scenery, if only to let the pressure subside. Before I could sit back down. There emerged a group of five wild dogs from the thicket on the far side of the highway. I thought to myself, even the wild dogs are looking for a change in scenery, the city should provide. They crossed over to the ditch that separates the two sides of the highway. After sniffing around the grounds for about a minute, the first dog climbed out of the ditch came on to the side of the highway closer to the office building. It managed to cross and so did the second. As the third made its way, there were two vans, red and white coming down the highway; in an instant the red van in front slowed down abruptly swerved to the right and avoided the third dog now in the middle of the highway. The fourth and fifth dog ran back across the other side of the highway and into the thicket.
The dog in the middle of the way was now visibly frightened making short jerky movements as though in an attempt to also go back to the other side of the highway and back into the thicket. This was abruptly interrupted by a truck lorry passing to the right. Traffic in the middle of the road had now slowed down. The dog finally...
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