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History Assignment Paper: Corrupt Ideas, The East (Essay Sample)


Please read two topics that you've chosen carefully and throughly, they are quite long. So be sure to understand and don't miss any information they try to delivery or reveal in topics. Follow the meaning of topics, there are some premise; such as after which country has been conquered or after a famous battle, or during a certain time period. It would need writer to do enough research to know about those history background. There is no strict essay format, it is creative essay, so it might be a format of a letter, a journal, or a speech, depending on the requirements on the topics. One topic one page. there is unnecessary to have a perfect ending paragraph, but the main describing paragraph must be detailed.


Corrupt Ideas
The events of this day are unfortunate but they also mark a chance to turn the tides of history and make this the most memorable pardon. The last few years have been quite turbulent, with most of the scholars trying to edge a niche in the society. Most of them have been quite misleading and have led astray a large number of the citizens with corrupt thought processes ("Galileo Biography Astronomer, Scientist (1564–1642)", 2017). I have for some time fallen prey like most of the citizens to the ploy by these scientists to turn the people against the church. The theories that have been floated by these scientists have corrupted the minds of many and it is safe to say that they are driving away the people away from the gospel. The theories that, Kepler, Copernicus and Brahe have been some of the most corrupting ("Galileo Biography Astronomer, Scientist (1564–1642)", 2017).
I honestly got carried away by the theories by these corrupt scientists, and would beg that my life is spared a show of good faith in the spirit of forgiveness. I will use the platform that I have created over the years to fight against the corrupt scientists and get more people to shun away from the science of corruption. It is a sad affair that the society is currently struggling with and one that require more merchants to fight the vile that spreading and first. Giving a chance to reformed persons like myself, is a great way of winning back the lost souls ("Galileo Biography Astronomer, Scientist(1564–1642)", 2017).
Where my pardon is not possible I would kindly request, that my invention is put to go...
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