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Commercial Animal Farms: Animal Rights Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


For Regan : What's our fundamental wrong with our treatment of animals according to Regan? What do you think would happen to commercial animal farms if Regan's ideas are adopted? Article can be found in the following link.

Animal Rights
According to Regan, the fundamental wrong in animal treatment is the people's view of animals as resources. People keep animals for commercial reasons, food, lab tests and sport hunting, and Regan does not support this concept. He views the ideology behind keeping animals for the said purposes as treating animals as resources. In Regan eyes, people assume that animals were created for people's use. He asserts that people consider animals as a tool for accomplishing various activities that life brings about. The belief that only animals can fulfill the specified activities makes them to become resources. They become things that facilitate human satisfaction. According to Regan, a change of mentality regarding animals as resources amounts to giving them their rights. He considers animals to have the right to live in freedom, and naturally. However, the perception that animals are resources drives people to use them for various purposes regardless of how soft the treatment takes shape.
If people adopt Regan's ideas, then one of the activities that can become extinct is commercial animal farming. This end result can emanate from the freedom that people can give to animals. Instead of enclosing them and feeding them with straw, people can just allow them to roam free and find their own way. In commercial animal farming, the participants place value on each animal. They allocate expenditure on every animal, and cover the expenses using the selling price of every animal. If this business ends, it means that there can be an economic slowdown. Just like any other business, commercial animal farming is an income generating activity. It means that when people no longer practice it, then the revenue that it generated gets lost. Notably, there is a string of business people who depend on the farming, and the end of it cannot only affect the farmer, but any other dependent from the business.
One of the things that can happen to the commercial farms is that they can become agricultural land that supports plant life. Farmers can drive away the animals in to the wilderness, and revert to crop farming. This form of farming is one of the commercial activities that people engage in as an alternative to animal farming. The extinction of commercial animal farms can drive farmers into adopting an alternative method of generating income. Various crops such as wheat, barley and vegetables can flourish on the former animal farms, and people can become vegetarians. Since animals are known to provide proteins, some farmers can pursue the replacement of the nutrients that animal products used to provide. It means that plants such as beans and peas can become the most sought after crops as more people would believe that their ...
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