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Major Essay Communications & Media Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Hello, I all requirements are included in the resources I have uploaded and please read all the materials and instructions carefully. This essay needs at least 8 reference and use Harvard referencing style I have upload in the files as well. If you have any question please get in touch with me at once. Thank you so much.


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Major Essay
The 21st century is sometimes labeled as the age of unlimited information primarily because of information technology's bloom. Over the last decade, social media platforms have gained popularity and revolutionized communication. Today, world leaders and high-profile global citizens have embraced these platforms to share critical information and engage their global audiences. Politically, Twitter has gained currency as the world-leading platform where politicians can channel their opinion. Often, a single tweet will generate likes, retweets, and comments in quantum proportions within seconds. The goal is to have a global discourse through hashtags and trends. While Twitter is a platform that can drive political change, its downside comes with significant damages. Notably, theories of citizenship such as liberalism and communitarianism can act as the foundation through which the merits and limitations of Twitter are understood. While it remains a simple platform to share ideas, it presents complexities, and a deeper understanding of this platform is required.
Theories of citizenship
Many scholars have established a direct approach to the whole concept of citizenship by dwelling on its strengths and weaknesses, practice, and historical development. As a concept, citizenship has historically evolved and is simply described as the relationship between an individual and the state (Mitu 2019, p.3). Some theories such as Liberalism and Communitarianism have emerged in recent times in political theory. According to the theory of liberalism, an individual is more important to the group. Liberalism postulate that exercising rights is a citizen's decision. On the other hand, communitarianism fronts the idea that a person does not stand apart from the society and is bound to the society (Mitu 2019 p.4). The underlying idea of communitarianism is the common good.

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