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Using media to improve ones image (Hawaii is no paradise for Abercrombie) (Essay Sample)

Topic: Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie has had his share of bad publicity in his first year in office — everything from his statements about the Pro Bowl, to the handling of union pay cuts to the recent resignation of some of his top advisers (see article below). How can the governor use media to improve his image in the eyes of the public? There's no right or wrong answers here, but somewhere in your response, include what issue you would have him address, what media you would use, and what you would have him say or do. To. Writer Please read this link. Hawaii is no paradise for Abercrombie. (http://www(dot)washingtontimes(dot)com/news/2011/oct/11/hawaii-is-no-paradise-for-abercrombie/) -Do not just summarize the linked newspaper. You need to answer the questions in topic that I provided. You need write your own thought. I don't want you to use too many references or any references.. but if you have to use it, use example, but PLEASE provide the cite where it came from. If you use facts from a source or quote a source, please attribute the information. -Please remember that I'm an international student (attending hawaii college) who from South Korea. So I want you to use simple and easy grammar for this writing. you don't have to write like an essay. Just write your thought and your own opinion related to the topic. Please Do not use "I think.." , "In my opinion" too much..etc... It is your opinion so you don't have mention them always. Thank you. Please email me or leave a message here if you have any questions. Here is the example how to answer to the topic: "This is an interesting topic and close to my heart. Thereʻs a chance I may offend someone with my opinion but that is not a valid reason for me not to speak about things that are so life impacting. For anyone who is on the Hawaiian-non-receiving-end of Abercrombieʻs governing, there is no question about him having other agendas, poorly disguised as needs. Neil Abercrombie ran for the Office of Governor knowing full well the crisis Hawaii was facing, made unrealistic campaign claims for success in fixing the problems and is whining now. It could be he had his pockets open waiting to reap the benefits of the unique and lucrative Hawaiian lands as soon as he was governor: as he stated on video, when still a congressman at a committee hearing in D.C., [paraphrase] itʻs not about Hawaiians and culture, itʻs about land, cash and assets, my friends…who wouldnʻt want 180,00 acres of Hawaiian land…? I have no respect for this man and have also been on the receiving end of his temper, which showed itself with little effort; I was at a fundraiser for former Senator Hooser who was running for Lieutenant Governor. Abercrombie was there and I asked him why he and fellow members of Congress continue to push the Akaka Bill when clearly the Hawaiians abhor it and it has failed on its face almost a dozen times. He verbally attacked me right there on the spot. He was seething, loud and splattering spit. Regarding his staff taking sudden family related retirements, I believe they stated that as their excuse to draw attention that something is very wrong. The best dedication a family can have is someone who keeps their job, otherwise what are they going to? Lie on a beach and eat mangoes with their children? Walking off their jobs was a statement or under duress. The abrupt departures are being said to have to do with installing casinos on public lands; the staff replacements in his administration are curiously tightly connected to Vegas casinos, Would Abercrombie throw his staff under the bus on the way to the casino? Other infuriating aspects of his “I am the governor. I'm not your pal”, https://laulima(dot)hawaii(dot)edu/portal/site/KAP.31157.201210/page/838f4b21-c507-4ea8-9f09-b617db11d8c9 declarations are his impudent actions to subvert the Hawaii State Constitution, 1) to declare a state of emergency (looking very similar to a quasi Martial Law enactment) to grant the Army Corps of Engineers unfettered access to public lands and, 2) the resolution for a State/Corporate union to develop public lands (PUBLIC LAND DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION). Both justifications or reasons for these two actions are without credibility and clearly an attempt to allow the use of public trust lands for the benefit of a few in violation of numerous constitutional mandates. Thereʻs been an awfully ʻloud silenceʻ on the part of Native Hawaiian rights organizations and environmental groups with respect to his policies, but maybe itʻs the calm before the storm. Neil Abercrombie has made clear his undisguised disdain for the host culture, dating back to the 2001 Akaka Bill hearings (he is the only person who remained seated in a packed legislative session of standing people during a Hawaiian chant, described by the videographer as a characteristic show of disrespect) and with his comments to me at the fundraiser. Presently, Iʻm waiting for a recall of this person who has not honored the position of trust he took an oath to uphold nor apparently, is he qualified to comprehend the special protections granted to the people and the lands of Hawaii evidenced by his continued actions. Many have tried to plow through Hawaiiʻs cultural and environmental barriers only to find themselves bankrupted overnight (John Lehman), U.S.S. Superferry? I donʻt believe there is a PR firm on earth that could repair his damaged image due to the fact that he has not played politician-speak well and has expose his true colors. But if there were anything he could do to mend his governorship, it would be to rescind any and all actions/policies that heʻs implemented which threaten to challenge the constitution." source..
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Using Media to Improve Image: Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie
Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie has been a victim of negative publicity since the beginning of this year and there is need for him to use the same media to improve his image. However, he really needs to be cautions on his comments they should be consistent and have facts backing them. According to Richardson, (2011) his ways of dealing with the budget deficit angered most citizens and the media has been capitalizing on it to tarnish his image.
Therefore the most appropriate way to win the citizens confidence he need to tone down hi...
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