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Illegal File (Essay Sample)


**Write 1-3 paragraphs explaining why illegal file downloading, uploading and streaming is such a large problem specifically in the cases of either movies or tv shows. Do not write about both cases and do not write about music, books or other media.(that's too much work) Explain what companies offering this content can do or are already doing to decrease this trend.(Hint: consider what motivates people to upload content. **Please use simple words and phrases. Do not use too grammatically complicated sentences. This essay is for an English as a Second Language student. Thank you!

Illegal File
Millions of internet users go online in search of the next movie releases. Ironically they do not download the content from the legal websites; instead they prefer the illegal sites that have become a common haven for piracy. Movie production costs billions of dollars and most of it is lost to piracy. Users have turned to illegal movie download, uploads and streaming as the easier option that actually purchasing the content which is much more expensive. What is more troubling is the fact that, much of the content downloaded is copyrighted and should not be downloaded from illegal site let alone redistributed.
In one of the recent cases, Dallas Buyers Club sued persons that had been accused of piracy in a Texas court. The most worrying trend is that, most of the cases are never prosecuted and the courts fain no evidence, relative to IP addresses presented. The low rate of prosecution underlines the reason why there are so few people that have been convicted of the same.
Companies that are providing the content should review their upload, download and streaming policies to protect the industry. It is important to note that, there are files on their sites that not copyrighted and these are not part of the problem. Placing filters on their websites, such that no illegal content is shared between users, is one of the steps to stemming out the problem. ...
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