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Blog I Like to Read (Essay Sample)

Topic: Tell me which blog (in US) you find the most interesting. What is it about? Who writes it? Why does it appeal to you? Who is the intended audience? And any other comment you want to make. If you don't read blogs, it's a good time to take a look! Please provide a link to the blog. Keep your choice in good taste, please. To. Writer - This is an opinion paper (in Casual way). Please write about the topic in your own words. -The overuse of “I think,” “In my opinion” or “I believe.” Once again, most of the time it\\\'s not necessary to use these. These are your papers and what you write is what you think or believe. -Even if I checked on 'No sources required' you can use any references (from web) but please CITED at the end of the paper where your references came from. -Attribution. I expect you to attribute facts and figures to the source. - Please understand that I go to college in hawaii and im an international student from south Korea(Woman). please do use easy an simple grammar like a international student. If you have any questions please contact me. Thank you very much. --------- Here is the example of how to write this topic : "On Kauai, KauaiEclectic, by journalist Joan Conrow (who writes for Honolulu Weekly as well), is kind of our go-to site for current news of the world and mostly Hawaii. It is pretty political and many times covers discussions on legal opinions. I like her position on almost all issues and the comments can get explosive at times. Her audience is mainly Kauai people but many are from the states and Europe. She usually starts her daily blog with a morning reflection of nature and throughout her writing is clearly one who expresses gratitude, appreciation and respect for Hawaii and the culture; unbelievably, for this aspect of her writing she is criticized often by those that feel threatened by possible outcomes of too much focus on culture... such as sovereignty, of which she has been very supportive; her article in HonWeekly of The Man who would be Prime Minister is a well written example and shows her comprehension of the political process." source..
Course Title:
Blog I Like to Read
Of the several blogs I have so far read, Adobe blog emerges to be the best blog in terms of providing new and critical information on the use of technologies and general societal issues. It has an exceptionally unique way of updating on current happenings around the world. It gives life lessons, motivates one and provides guidance to building self-esteem. The blog gives ideas on books, businesses, careers and how to go about finding dream jobs. It gives freedom to life, directs on how to be open minded and let ideas and decisions flow.
Adobe blog attracts my attention because of its structured articles plus the many advanced conversations on common problems people face in their daily lives. People are given freedom to write their own life experiences and connect to others. As a reader, you get a chance to give...
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