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Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism, Chapter 7 Summary (Essay Sample)


A summary for "CHAPTER 7"(The book is attached). The instruction is below:
a. Topic (4 points): is the topic of the original chapter/article stated?
b. Major points (5 points): is the summary focus on the major points and information
from the chapter/article?
c. Accurate (5 points): are the major points and information accurate?
d. Own words (2 points): is the summary written in your own words?
e. Concise (2 points): is the summary is 2 pages with double spaced?
- Font style: times new roman, Font size: 12
f. Understanding (2 points): is summary easy to understand?


Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism, Chapter 7 Summary
This is a chapter that is borrowed from the book by Philip Kotler, John T. Bowen, James C. Makens and Seyhmus Baloglu; titled, Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism. Chapter 7 is on the Organizational Buyer Behavior and one with very insightful thoughts and information about dealing with different international markets and organizational buying. This is a chapter that is geared to helping the readers achieve a number of very crucial objectives; understanding the process of organizational buying, identifying and discussing the importance of the participants within the organizational buying process, identifying the major influences affecting organizational buyers, listing the stages of the organizational buying process and identifying as well as describing the group markets within the hospitality industry.
To cover all of the content highlighted in the objectives, the chapter is divided into fourteen main sections. Among them are the organizational buying process, participation in the organizational buying process, major influences of organizational buyers, organizational buying decisions, group markets, association meetings, marketing highlights, dealing with meeting planners, the corporate account and corporate travel manager and the last part of the chapter is formed of chapter review, discussion questions, experimental exercise, internet exercise and the references.
The first part of the chapter is The organizational Buying Process. This is comprised of two main subsections, these are; market structure and demand and the types of decisions and decision process. The first subsection sensitizes on the need to understand the market organization and the demand patterns within the industry. The decision subsection gives the readers a highlight of the decisions and complex process involved when making decisions.
In reference to the Participants in the Organizational Buying Process, this is a section that gives the r

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