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Feel Better – Circle Of Health Holistic App (Essay Sample)


My business plan now has 2,000 words and I need to expand it up to 4,500 words. For the executive summary requires more than 500 words, but less than 600 words. Also, expand each part up 1000 words (Description of the Business, Market Overview, Industry Overview, and Business Opportunity). Before starting to expand, please read carefully what I have now. Thank you so much. Write in strict accordance with the requirements in the document.
The document name SBP11 is the document that needs to be expanded. Please complete on time. Thank you so much.


Executive Summary
The Feel Better app is holistic, friendly, and easy-to-use app that focuses on an individual's overall health activities. This includes helping the clients to find good doctors in the area, set sound financial goals, and even set up dining plans for everyone. As of today, the application and the team behind it have already developed key partnerships with private doctors, gym instructors, nutritionists, as well as transportation services (i.e., Uber/Lyft/Juno). Its revenue streams are now focused on subscriptions, co-signing, and in-app purchases which help to make it easier for clients to choose the mode which best suits them. The goal here is to ensure that the clients are comfortable and that they have options instead of making the choice for them.
However, while the app itself is already profitable, projections show that dozens of business opportunities should still be pursued. Apparently, there is still a significant portion of potential clients who are either not aware that the app exists or are still skeptical of the app. Thus, increasing brand awareness especially with people who are conscious about their fitness is one of our utmost priorities. While doing this, more health professionals are also being partnered with to expand the professional base of the application itself. As the clientele increases and the strategic marketing strategies are incorporated (i.e., social media marketing, google ads, etc.), further improvements and profitability could be achieved. However, to achieve these goals, funds are needed and one way the team plans to get money is through bank loans. The team acknowledges that it cannot make it alone and needs help to set up a solid foundation. Additional funding from Venture Capitalists would be procured later as the company starts to grow to a nationwide business. Projections do indicate that the company has the potential to grow to the point where additional funding will become crucial to survival. Therefore, a room is left in case the situation described above ever happens.
It is always essential to acknowledge and recognize the competition in the market one plans to invade. The truth is, there is indeed stiff competition in every business. However, while the company does has some competition in the fitness technology market, a recent estimate of the mobile fitness app market shows that in 2016 alone, a revenue amounting to 433 million USD was generated. This simply shows that there is wild potential in this market but anyone who wants to share in the spoils must ensure they are ready for any and all challenges. Having identified the competition, we are indeed confident that this app can be a force to reckon with and rival competitors like AliveCor and Fitbit. Our projections are that in 5 years' time, the Feel Good app will be a major competitor in the fitness app market. Our goal, however, is beyond the obvious and we believe that the Feel Good app will become a household name and people will always associate it with the fitness app market. No one should fail to remember the Feel Good app because it will indeed revolutionize the entire fitness market. We expect challenges as well as obstacles along the way but we believe in ourselves and in the work we have been doing. Everyone is devoted and committed to the company and this we believe will be the main thing that will differentiate us with the rest.
Description of the Business
The Feel Better – Circle of Health App is a service that provides our clientele base with access to our partners; these partners being private doctors and fitness instructors. Our service therefore acts as a medium for our clientele base to get the possible service/treatment and it also provides to the partners...

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