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Ethical Dilemma: Making A Choice & Point In An Organization (Essay Sample)


*Please follow the rubric that I post as attachment and meet the exceeds standard as much as possible.
Select a firm that has faced a decision that may raise concerns regarding business ethics. how the firm handled the ethical dilemma.
• Provide a thorough summary of the critical Facts the individual/ company faced.
• Identify and describe the Ethical Issue(s) present in the circumstances.
• Who are the key Stakeholders?
• Who among these stakeholders will decide the issue(s)?
• What Ethical Standard(s) is/are present?
• What duties, rights, best practices, and/or core values apply to key stakeholders?
• What laws, mission, and/or enterprise values, if any, must be considered?
• What are the Ethical Alternatives? What is their impact on key stakeholders?
• What was the course of action taken?
• Was it the best ethical outcome? Why?
What recommendations can you make regarding ethical leadership and decision-making from the example you chose?


Ethical dilemma
Making a choice between two options both of which might bring negative results is referred to as an ethical dilemma. At some point in an organization, an employee is likely to encounter the risk of facing an ethical dilemma, and some ethical decisions are usually more challenging than others. However knowing how to solve an ethical dilemma increases decision making of an individual at the work place, making one and the company they are working for to not break the rules. The right way to handling an ethical problem is upholding the values which are more important, and then the least values later. In this paper, it is intended to accomplish a systematic explanation of ethical dilemma encountered in Microsoft and how it was handled.
Ethical dilemma occurs when a certain situation happens, and the worker is forced to choose one ethical principal over the other. Some of these common situations encountered include; receiving gifts, a client decides to send a gift to appreciate for the good service. However there are some relationship factors to consider such as the importance of human relationships where by rejecting the gift will make the client feel rejected and part of the job maintaining professional relationships and appropriate boundaries are required. Breaches of confidentiality with minor clients, in a therapist career, there comes a point of dealing with the adolescents who after doing a wrong they request the matter not to be told to their parents. However it is required to report the matter to the parents and the department of social law enforcement. The ethical and principles involved are importance of the human relationship whereby breaking the child’s confidentiality would affect their trust of moving forward while behaving in a trustworthy manner with the clients and their families is the way to go. Commission of illegal Acts, if a client does a bad thing such as child abuse the client is supposed to be reported. However the ethical values and principles involved are, reporting on the clients illegal activities would lead to worker-client relationship lost and according to the law and the policies one is entitled to practice honesty and responsibility. Interacting on social media, a...
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