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Each question has one page. They are seperate question (Essay Sample)


Each question has one page. They are seperate question.
And use simple grammar and vocabulary.

1. What are the issues to be considered in ethical manufacturing? How can a company balance the need for competitive prices with paying factory workers a living wage and providing safe, respectful working conditions? How do companies balance transparency of manufacturing information and company confidentiality?
2. Outline the ethical dilemmas of “knockoffs” and the practice of fashion industry copying. How do “knockoffs” harm the industry and economy and how do they help the industry and economy? How would the global economy be affected if “knockoffs” were eliminated from the marketplace? Give at least 3 examples of how “knockoffs” harm the industry and at least 3 examples of how“knockoffs” help the industry and economy.
How “knockoffs” harm the industry and economy How “knockoffs” help the industry and economy
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There higher risks of injuries to workers and product safety to the consumers while working in a manufacturing company. Hence, the implementation of procedures, policies, and control to protect people from these risks is ethical. Every ethical manufacturing company prioritizes safety in the workplace. In a manufacturing environment, there is always the presence of machines and raw materials, which should be handled with extra care. People working in these companies involve them with ethical issues, which includes wearing protective gear to enhance their safety. 

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