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E-Commerce: Marketing Through The Internet (Essay Sample)


In your own words, answer the following questions:
1. What are some of the difficulties in providing services in an online environment? What factors differentiate the services sector from the retail sector, for example?
2. Briefly outline the types of information an organization would gather before writing the organizations information security policy document.
3. Briefly describe the most important functions to look for in project management software and why they are important.


Commerce in the macroeconomics refers to the activity of exchanging goods and services by companies often in large scale. Electronic Commerce (E-commerce) is the process that involves people, business and companies buying and selling products and services through the internet. Several recent innovations have made electronic commerce possible; marketing through the internet, transfer of money electronically, mobile money transfer and online financial solutions like online banking.
An online business environment like any other business is full of various difficulties which hinder the success of the company. One of the significant obstacles to providing services online is lack of trust in both the service provider and the customer due to the physical separation between the two parties; malicious people on either side may take advantage. These people masquerade to be either the customer or the seller and take advantage of their victim for malicious reasons. This maliciousness breaks confidence and trust in the online services making the viable customer opt for the conventional mode of provision of service. Another difficult is security. Cybercrimes have increased in the recent past due to the public literacy on online services. Cybercrimes threaten to sabotage the online service due security threat they expose to both the service providers and the customers. The online services providers are thus faced with an enormous challenge

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