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Authentic Leadership (Essay Sample)

My order for TWO essay. 3000 words each. Each one in separate file. The first essay due should be in 10 days. Number of source=6 The Second essay due between 15 - 25 days. Number of source=6 In the first page of "ATTACHED file", you'll find the details of my request and questions. Also, you'll find the topics and readings which required in essay questions. You are free to choose the questions. for any info. contact me. source..
AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP Name: Grade Course: Tutor’s Name: (20, August, 2010) Authentic Leadership Introduction In this paper I am going to majorly evaluate on Authentic Leadership style according to writers Bhindi and Duignan. I will also highlight on some of the advantages and disadvantages of implementing authentic leadership into an organization, and at the same time critically analyze the various principles that Authentic Leadership has in an organization at large, and how this form of leadership will affect the ways individuals in an organization relate to each other. In order to ensure an organization realize its full potential from this type of leadership skills that is implemented by most leaders in institutions (Bhindi and Duignan, 2003). According to the dictionary; a leader is a person that / who has influence, authority and inspiration over other people/followers in an organization and he will use his powers that are vested to him in order to pressurize the people or followers towards achieving the set goals of the organization in a given time span. Therefore, a leader is the person that has the powers to enable him to achieve the set objectives of an organization. Leadership is therefore an act of being or practicing the roles of a leader as this aspect enables an individual to perform or exercise the duties of a leader, an individual can be able to assume this leadership role through various ways this may be through imposition, elections or inheritance. Not every organization or individual practices the same kind of leadership styles that includes the Transformational leadership. According to Bhindi & Duignan (1997) authentic leadership ensures that there is mutual relationship between leaders and followers have suggested that leadership is authentic to the extent that it is people-building and recognizes muturalisation and interdependence as the basis of relationship between the leader and the follower. Authoritarian leadership, Democratic leadership, Laissez fair leadership, Charismatic leadership, Task Oriented leadership, Authentic leadership amongst other forms of leaderships , note that each and every leadership style is effective in a special way and works or enables an organization to achieve its set goals, therefore each individual that occupies the leadership role to perform the expected function /duties effectively has to decide on the type of leadership style that will enable him to take the organization through the difficult times and at the same time ensure that the organization achieves the set goals (Bhindi and Duignan, 2003). These different types of leadership traits in some ways affects the productivity of the people working in an organization this is because the normal running of a business today is seen as a battle of ideas and not the type or powers that a leader has in order for the success of an organization to be seen or felt, therefore with these changing trends in the business sector as it requires each and every individual in the organization to participate in the delivery of the new ideas in the organization (Bhindi and Duignan, 2003). Therefore, the old leadership styles are not encourages as they are viewed as outdated and cant help an organization to achieve its goals, therefore the leaders are supposed to implement new leadership skills inorder to achieve the goals of the organization, therefore the leaders should implement participatory leadership in order to enable the organization to achieve this, therefore the present day leaders should engage the other members of the organization in the running of an organization this will enable that new ideas are bounced from each of the members as some can have very creative ideas that will help transform the organization for good and ensure that the organization achieves the set goals by surpassing the set goals (Bhindi a...
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