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Ohad Naharin's Off White (Essay Sample)

Topic: Ohad Naharin's Off White Course: Dance as An Art Form Watch the full performance of Ohad Naharin's Off White --> http://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=RyEokvGCP5k. The dance is performed by Netherlands Dance Company III, a company of what some might consider older dancers. The company provides continuing professional performance opportunities for dancers who might otherwise be forced to retire. Describe the choreography and performance in terms of POST MODERN DANCE. While Off White was premiered decades after the Post Modern period, is has much in common with the Post Modern dance forms covered in the lectures. The questions below are provided to help you to organize your response. What does the choreography and performance of Off White have in common with Post Modern Dance? Be descriptive and continue to utilize the DANCE ELEMENTS terminology (space, time, energy). NOTE: You will not be able to use the stage directions terminology in your description of this piece. How is Off White different from Post Modern Dance? Is this Modern, Contemporary, Dance Theatre, other? Support your statements with examples from the video. Remember to address the other productions elements – music, costuming, set design, lighting. The choreographer chose to use these additional elements in a specific way. How does this particular arrangement make you feel? What kind of statement is the choreographer making? Feel free to interpret what you see – there is no right or wrong answer here. FORMAT: All answers must be written out in complete sentences. You may list your responses under the respective questions, or format your statements in paragraph format. Statements must be supported with descriptions or explanations as directed. It is possible to be both descriptive and concise. P.S Please fallow the instructions closely and give ALL the answers for the above questions! source..
Student name
Off White dance
Off White dance has some resemblance to Post Modern Dance. The two dance categories share similarity in costume. The dancers have clothes that have a revealing effect. The Off white dancers have very tight skin tight like costumes. All dancers in the post modern category also put on costumes that are very tight. The movements in the two dances have great rhyme with the music. The dances move their bodies along the tune. Some violin-like sound is heard at the background of the Off Shore Dance. The two dancers also ...
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