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LGBT Social Movements. Social Sciences Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


The instructions are in the files provided, the article and its topic should related to "Social Movements." You can select one online resources from magzines, newspaper, and e-books.


Guidelines for Reading Responses SOC 3. Fall 2019. Overview The purpose of this exercise is to engage with the readings and to think critically about the material and the issues we discuss. Task You are required to submit a reading response on readings for this course two times this quarter on the weeks/days designated by your TA. Each reading response is worth 25 points. You may pick any one topic from the week you have chosen and respond to the readings under that particular topic for the chosen day. You can choose to engage with the author’s key argument presented in the readings, or you may pick one quote or a short passage one of the readings and discuss it. (Please make sure you cite in-text accurately and provide the page number in this case, for e.g. (Mills:20). How to write this response? You should divide your response into three brief parts: o A brief summation of the key or central arguments in a few lines. The summary should be one short paragraph only o An analysis (strength, weaknesses, what you found insightful, interesting, or problematic). This is your response to what you have read. o A concluding paragraph ending with a question or a comment. o You may relate your comments to any contemporary event or something you have read or come across, but please cite accurately and provide the source if choose to do. Format: o Single-spaced. o 1” margins, 12 pt, Times New Roman font. o Length: 1 to 1.5 single-spaced pages.


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LGBT Social Movements
One of the popular social movements of the 21st century is the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) movement. An article in the Atlantic by Kirchick posits that America is becoming a post-gay nation and the struggle for the rights of gay people is over. It is the opinion of the author that America has made significant strides towards gay equality. Progress has been made regarding public opinion, legal protection from discrimination, representation in the media, and the general acceptance of gay people by society. The article tries to drive home the point that social movements advocating for LGBT rights have achieved their objectives and they should exult in their victory and wind down operations instead of focusing on petty concerns and desperate accusations.

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