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Homeless Policy in Atlanta (Essay Sample)

Write about the policy issue on (homeless policy in Atlanta) I will attach specific instruction to the order in a picture. source..
Homeless Policy in Atlanta
Atlanta has the second greatest percentage of homeless in the United States. About 1.4% of the city spends their night on the street or in a shelter. Many people find it difficult to make end meet because of lack of affordable housing. Those who have rented in the city part with more than 35% of their income on rent making it difficult due to households cutting back on other necessities (McGill, Cepalak and Gallops). Homeless people are also plagued by illnesses making it hazardous to live under such conditions of homelessness because health complications arise in such circumstances. There are times when holes people require medical attention, and this becomes a burden to emergency response and taxpayers. The phenomenon of homelessness affects economic and social aspects of a city.
Since the passing of 2003 “Brue Print to end Homelessness in Atlanta in ten years” some core strategies have been set grouping the homeless population into episodic- people who are in the streets because of recession or job los, chronic- includes people living with mental illness or addiction, families and veterans (Competitively Awarded Homeless Programs). The policy focuses on the most vulnerable by trying to reduce bureaucracy, eliminations of inefficiencies and hurdles which prevent people from getting the right housing and services. The policy operation is seen prominently in Atlanta, but this is also prevalent in many cities as Continuum of Care.
The US Department of Housing and Urban Development makes available money and strategies to local governments, but almost constantly, the local governments get additional sources from the local government itself or fundraising and private sectors. In Atlanta, public source accounts for 49% of funding while 35% from private organizations, and 16% from fundraising (Commission on Homelessness). Continuum of Care is made up of three different programs that consists of; the Supportive Housing Program (SHP). This is a program that focuses on housing development with the objective to move people from homelessness into independent residences. This program also provides fides which are also used to educate homeless in house management and work (McGill, Cepalak, Gallops, & Moulakis). The next program is the Shelter Plus Care which provides rental support to former homeless people with disabilities and their families. The Assistance offered usually varies from individual units to group homes. The final program Single Room Occupancy (SRO) usually pays the rent for SRO units in order to make homeless people to reside in them. SRO units that are offered are single room dwellings that often do not have bathrooms or kitchens (Competitively Awarded Homeless Programs).
The aim for Continuum of Care is to get the homeless to self-sufficiency, and in some circumstances, the funds have been used to take preventative actions. The Continuum of Care operati...
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