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Weather Extremes in a Changing Climate (Essay Sample)


This paper is a reading respond, based on a reading which is provided. 
In the response paper you must:
- Identify the text and author
- Briefly summarize the main argument/issue raised by the author.
- Contextualize the argument/issue raised and how it relates to the course.
- Respond to and critique the paper (this is not just an emotional response i.e. “I didn’t like the paper”)
- Try to connect the reading to other topics covered in the course.
- If you use quotes, cite them appropriately


Weather Extremes in a Changing Climate
The text titled Weather Extremes in a Changing Climate is a collection of information drawn from the World Meteorological Organization’s annual statements regarding the status of the global climate. There are various authors of the sources of the article but the author behind the compilation is the World Meteorological Organization. The main issues raised by the author are climate and weather related events that have caused geographical and social devastating outcomes. These extreme events are assumed to be as a result of climate change although scientists according this article are still studying the relationship between these events and the issue of climate change (WMO, 2).
The losses caused by these occurrences cause losses of lives and property to the victims and inhabitants of the countries that they live in. By understanding how these events work and predicting where and when they might strike next, scientists have the opportunity to save thousands of lives by protecting the society from the effects of drought, storms, floods and drought among others.
According to previous predictions about the effect of climate change in the late 90’s and the early 2000’s, high temperature episodes would lead to a change in the intensity of normal natural processes like rainfall and winds. The society is related to climate change through the effects it has on their daily lives (WMO, 15). Social sciences strive to understand how climate change has affected certain environments and how to improve the social aspects of affected communities that cannot recover easily from the destruction caused by natural calamities. After extensive research and studying of the world’s climate, researchers have been able to link climate change to the increasing frequency of extreme weathe...
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