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Ways in Which the Internet Has Changed Political Interactions Globally (Essay Sample)

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Ways in Which the Internet Has Changed Political Interactions Globally
The carrying out of political campaigns via the internet has tremendously increased over the last 10 years following the birth of the internet. For instance the American politics has drastically changed as depicted in the White house and Congressional elections. No doubt the growth of internet has helped in advertising, fund raising, mobilization of supporters and perhaps sending of in sighting messages. Some of the means that have been used in carrying out political campaigns include: through the use of emails, interactive websites, use of blogs and text messaging. This paper discusses ways in which the internet has changed political interactions globally.
The adoption of internet in political campaigns` have proved to be cost effective as political aspirants and party campaigners does not longer incur a lot of travelling costs to their supporters seeking for votes. Once the supporters have access to the internet they can periodically receive messages informing them on the progress of the campaigns and the parties manifesto. Also the use of internet has proved efficient in the sense that a single text and email message is enough to communicate to all the supporters. This has to a great extent reduced the need to make telephone calls, or door to door...
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