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To Prepare for the essay: Step 1= Read the Units document * ( these are my answers you will refer to in the summary, Please do no Rehash the answers in the summary. Pretend like you wrote these journal entries when you write the essay) Step2-Read the document Intellectual standards document ( this will be a source you will use to write the summary essay) Writing the essay: Step3- Summarize the journal entries Unit 1 through 6 ( use reference to intellectual standards when talking about my journal answers to each journal entry.) THE ESSAY NEEDS TO: * Pretend as if you answered the journal entries yourself* YOUR ESSAY NEEDS 1) to Capture your learning as a critical thinker: your awareness of what and how you think, your values and how they influence your opinions and decisions, and your strengths and vulnerabilities as a critical thinker in social work. 2) Comprehensiveness and use of intellectual standards in the journal summaries IS CRUCIAL The summary should NOT be a rehashing of the content of each unit! the focus is on HOW ( i thought in the units), not on the content of WHAT I thought think. Please check you messages regular and ask me questions if you do not understand. source..

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Unit 1
On how perceive belief as a critical by not just believing anyone because they are our seniors or because they are more educated than we are. Social issues are very sensitive and how we perceive them differs a lot. Alcoholism is one of the social issues which people perceive differently according to psychological experts because there are different factors affecting perception of an individual being involved with substance abuse (Elder and Richard: 11). I would not agree with professor just because he has more education than I have by thinking that experience is the best teacher and if you have no experience in a particular field you cannot know what it entails or what goes on for example a professor cannot know what an alcohol addict goes through or whether they can control it or not if they are not alcohol addicts themselves. I think that it is good to find out more information about a sensitive issue from the a direct source by believing what others say for example I can talk to alcohol addicts and interview them or look for websites with detailed information. Another issue is that by accepting an assessment and doing nothing about it just because of a diagnosis by doctors is wrong. I would also consider asking questions such as the nature of the abuse and the signs when the mother feels like abusing the child so that we can determine if there is really no possible solution to it. I think that we should not judge people on the outside and make conclusions quickly because some things are beyond our control. This goes for the advertisement too. Just because you have been serving people for many years does not mean that you have been doing it right. I think that companies or people should bring to the table what they have done and not for how long they have been doing it because quality is measured by what someone has done that is also stated by (Elder and Richard: 14). I personally think that we should not just accept people's claims just because they say them
Unit 2
Basing from my perception, I can say that believing in something especially a fairy tale or a mystery such as Santa clause can be made by personal choice. People have different reasons for believing in things but I believe that we should believe in something because we have seen it work for us and not just because everyone else believes in it for example I believed in Santa clause because every Christmas he would come to our home and give us gifts according to (Elder and Richard: 12). I also believe that issues that are real and such as by experiencing poverty should be taken very seriously. I believe that poverty is not inevitable in any part of the world. The gap between the poor and the rich will keep increasing. I also think that we cannot ban alcohol in universities because the students will do anythin...
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