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Summary of Cyberbullying among university students (Essay Sample)

Hello Dear Writer In this assignment i want to have 400 words of summary regarding the topic called An exploratory study of cyberbullying with undergraduate university students. IT should be in summary format and therefore, I attached a chapter in my book explaining the exact format for summary. it is chapter 7 and i will attached it for you,so, please read through chapter 7 in order to have an idea about summary format. the format of the summary should be MLA and I also i attached summary guid line for you which will describe what i need to have in my summary assignment please read through that one and cover all the points that is mention there. I will place another order for you with different topic please notice that this two summaries are for the same class but with different topics and for another person. if you have any concern please let me know. Thanks in advance source..
Summary of Cyberbullying among university students
Technology has become an essential necessity in contemporary civilization facilitating comprehensive and coherent communication via hi-tech platform. Though technology is advantageous, it can facilitate negative communication resulting in a new phenomenon called cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is the harassment of internet users by unknown persons (e.g. sending someone pessimistic comments). This paper will give a summary of an article written about cyberbullying in university students, titled “An Exploratory Study of Cyberbullying with Undergraduate University Student”.
The article is written by; Beth Sockman, Steven Koehn and Carol Walker, from a third-person point of view as a scientific report. The article is descriptive and presents the result of the study in the form of tables and statistics. It is an exoteric piece of literature, as it can be easily understood without any specialized knowledge and it has simple diction. Besides it has uncomplicated enunciation thus an ideal literature. It portrays expository rhetoric, as its objectives are to inform readers of the results. The authors take no position, however the persuasive rhetoric presents briefly when the authors argue the importance of the topic and the necessity for sup...
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