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Social Welfare Policy Analysis Paper (Essay Sample)

Social Welfare Policy Analysis Paper – Topic: Washington State Sex Offender Sentencing 1. What was the historical context of the problem? Who identified this as a problem? (The poor, wealthy, powerful, religious, government, etc.) What was valued by the society of that time (care of the poor, power, wealth, etc.)? Support your answer. 2. Give a brief synopsis of programs that were developed historically to answer the problem and identify the consequences of these early programs/policies. 3. What historical ideology or belief influenced the “answer” to the problem? 4. Who benefited historically from the “answer” to the problem (consider all the “players”)? 5. Explain the policy as it currently stands. How has the policy changed since it was instituted? Are the changes influenced by changing political, economic, religious, educational or other ideologies? Provide support for your answer. 6. What are the goals and objectives of the current program/policy? a. Who decided what these are? 7. What is the formal structure of the policy/program? 8. What are some of the “rules” of this policy/program? a. Include how it was decided that one person or group may receive services and others may not. b. Is the program available to everyone or only a select few? Why? How was that decided? c. How does one become eligible to receive services from the policy/program?? 9. How is the program financed? 10. Who administers the program? Is it administered by federal, state or local government, private enterprise, non-profit organizations, faith-based organizations or other entity? Is it a combination of administration levels? 11. Is this program institutional, developmental, selective or residual? What supports your interpretation? (Review the definition for these terms in your textbook.) Understanding Social Welfare, DolgoffISBN 0-205-67273-612.In terms of “cost-benefit” analysis, do you think this is an acceptable way to address this particular social welfare issue? Support your belief. 13. Who benefits from the program/policy as it now stands? Include intended and unintended beneficiaries 14. If you were all-powerful, how would you change this program to better answer the needs of the intended beneficiaries? Could you eliminate unintended beneficiaries or is there a “benefit” to society that would suffer? source..
Washington State Sex Offended Sentencing: A Policy Analysis
"In the past, while the social welfare problem of having sex offenders was already recognized by the communities and states, the people did not strictly get criminal information and offender`s whereabouts was not made known to the public. Different acts were implemented in varying levels and only some states have it. Although necessaryinformation was gathered, it was still treated as something confidential and strictly for authorities use for tracking down the convicts who are repeat offenders, for investigations and for background checks on people working with children. Then as more dangerous and life threatening events take place laws were approved, more strict implementation was enforced and information regarding offenders and his whereabouts was now made known to the public." ADDIN Mendeley Citation{5c29c0d0-dee4-45e2-987a-f57607fc81a2} CSL_CITATION { "citationItems" : [ { "id" : "ITEM-1", "itemData" : { "author" : [ { "family" : "Logan", "given" : "Wayne A." } ], "container-title" : "OHIO STATE JOURNAL OF CRIMINAL LAW", "id" : "ITEM-1", "title" : "Criminal Justice Federalism and National Sex Offender Policy", "type" : "article-journal", "volume" : "OHIO STATE" }, "uris" : [ "/documents/?uuid=5c29c0d0-dee4-45e2-987a-f57607fc81a2" ] } ], "mendeley" : { "previouslyFormattedCitation" : "(Logan, n.d.)" }, "properties" : { "noteIndex" : 0 }, "schema" : "" } (Logan, n.d.) Afterthese laws were set in place,rehabilitationof lawbreakers were designed and put into practice. Support people and programs were also establishedfor this purpose. The first people who recognized sex offenders as a social welfare problem are the people in the government. These people recognized the need for laws that respond to this social welfare problem and the urgency was interpreted through the series of unfortunate events related to this.The need to protect innocent citizens who were victims of sex offenders was also accepted. People feared that any of the citizens, their children or their neighbour could be the next victim of these convicts. So from this the law makers made an act and later a law to protect these people and up to the present to diminish a great number of these incidences.
One program developed as a response to the growing number of sex offenders is Washington`s sentencing Reform Act of 1981. Through this, guidelines for sentencing to be set by a commission were implemented. "Under the indeterminate sentencing scheme, an offender is offered treatment as part of a probation sentence. If the offender did not succeed or failed to cooperate, the court could impose a jail or prison term later. Since determinate sentencing is an up-front system, however, accommodating treatment meant carving out special rules for sex offenses.;ADDIN Mendeley Citation{73...
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