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Social Sciences: Mapping Your Political Ideology (Essay Sample)


"Looking at the slides on the survey results, compared to my other classes & average voters in other countries, write a reaction paper about what you learned, specifically, and how it helps you understand comparative politics.
What surprised you? What ideas do you have that explain these results? What do you think of the survey? What does it tell us about the ideology of you, your peers, or the ideas of citizens in different democracies and what this means for the future of democracy?
You are welcome to cover any aspect of this topic that you want, but the more specific you can be with your points, the higher the grade. The paper should be 2 pages minimum.
I'm uploading the original survey here as an attachment in case you don't have a hard copy available."
So basically, fill out the survey(attachment) by yourself (using your own ideas), and then compare to the results that the professor gave in the slides(attachment). And then write two pages regarding the questions above.


Student Name
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Social Sciences
The survey titled Mapping Your Political Ideology in 17 Questions helps me understand that it is important for everyone to have his own political identity. The extensive range of questions, covering almost all aspects, surprised me the most. The questions like “what is your most important source of political information,” and “which political party you prefer” allow me to look into myself and ask why political information is needed. Because of this survey, I have come to realize that I must have my own ideology. Just like various other people, I used to stay away from politics, considering it a waste of time. But now, I understand that it is not a waste of time and that I should always read newspapers, watch television and surf the internet to know what’s going on in my country and which politicians are dominating these days. It tells a lot about my ideology and makes me understand that the future of democracy is unstable.
These days, poor people are living a miserable life, and politicians seem to be in a competition all the time. I feel that they are not actually working for the betterment and prosperity of the country; instead, they are working on their own and remain busy with collecting lots of money every day. It looks like they have no concern with the people, and that’s

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