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The Simple Solution to Global Warming Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


Requirements And Sample About The Simple Solution To Global Warming Research Assignment


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Dr. McKinnis
July 8, 2017
The Simple Solution to Global Warming
-28575108267500Global warming has always been a problem that has persisted for years, despite all of our greatest minds pondering about how to solve it. Basically, Global warming is the heating up of the atmosphere due to the gradual increase of heat in our own atmosphere due to greenhouse effect. This increase in the Earth's temperature is caused by our own actions, such as production of chemicals that has CFCs or chlorofluorocarbons, which affects the overall levels of pollutants that degrades our own atmosphere. According to research, this “degradation” of our atmosphere has started 50 years ago, as we humans, ignorant and uncaring for our environment has developed ways that we thought, would make ourselves better. Because of our own actions, Global warming now creates temperature changes all over the world, acidification of rain, sea level rise, ocean temperature rise, and climate change. Climate change, is perhaps, one of the most widely known effect of global warming and has been the focus of many studies, summits, and efforts around the world ever since it's effects were first observed by John Tyndall in 1859. Nevertheless, actions and efforts have only taken place just a few decades ago when everyone has started to feel the severe effects of this phenomena.
In my own personal experience, I've never been affected directly by climate change, except for the constant rainstorms, unexpected weather patterns, of course, the worsening heat that is easily noticeable by everyone.
This made me think, if Global Warming is caused by the risin

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