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Should Texas raise the minimum wage to $15. Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


You are required to write a short argumentative paper so that I can gauge your writing skill and how you make an argument. Basically this is a really easy assignment. You must persuade me of a topic, which are listed below. I want you to choose a side and persuade me one way or another on the issue. You MUST cite at least one credible source in the paper and the paper must have at least 750 words. It must be formatted in MLA format and be spell checked for errors, etc. This paper should be research based. Be sure to write it in third person (i.e. no I, you, we, or u
The side I have chosen is No Texas should not raise the minimum wage to 15


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Should Texas Raise the Minimum Wage to $15
The debate surrounding minimum wages in the United States has been raging with both sides of the camp providing empirical evidence to support their positions. Even with the contention surrounding the impact of the minimum wage policy, there are some states that have already passed ordinances increasing the labor price ceiling. In Texas, however, the minimum wage has remained at $7.25 for seven years, but there have been increased calls to raise it to $15, but to no avail (Ricke). Proponents of a minimum wage increase rely on a tired political line that Texans will be doomed to live in abject poverty if the wage is not increased. It has also been peddled that the set $7.25 minimum wage is a poverty wage since Texans who are employed and work full-time under this wage can qualify for food stamps benefits. Both the pro and anti-minimum wage camps’ debates can be misconstrued to be a religious belief where each believes their side is right and the other is wrong (Smith). Nonetheless, even with these disagreements, there are still valid points and evidence that can be raised against increasing the minimum wage. This essay opines that increasing Texas’ minimum wage to $15 would be a move in the wrong direction.

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