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School Bullying. How to stop bullying in schools using sports. (Essay Sample)


Research proposal (proposal essay)
Research proposal = FIVE scholarly secondary sources
Research Proposal
Perhaps there’s a study you think would be really useful and that hasn’t been done. Or perhaps you started writing a literature review and you realized there’s something out there that hasn’t been studied and really ought to be. The research proposal is how you would do that research. The great thing about this is we’re operating in fantasy-land, so you don’t really have to worry about the practicalities. You want to propose a 20-year longitudinal study in Finland? Fine!
The research proposal is pretty straightforward. You start with a brief literature review establishing what is known and not known about your topic, to show that your research is needed. It helps to also be clear about why the thing you want to study is worth being studied. Lots of things haven’t been researched because nobody cares and for good reason. So why should people care about this?
Like any proposal, you need to establish the details of what would be done. The more specifics you can include here, the better. It’s especially important to explain why your research approach makes sense for getting the information you want.
Don’t forget to address the feasibility and limitations of your study. Feasibility refers to whether this thing can actually be studied in the way you’re proposing. It doesn’t have to be feasible for you personally to actually conduct the research, but it needs to be possible for someone to do it. A study of how living on Mars affects human relationships is not feasible, at least not yet. Limitations are the things your research won’t be able to uncover. Perhaps you will have to manipulate things so that the environment isn’t 100% realistic. Perhaps, by choosing one particular population to study, you are not going to be able to draw conclusions about other populations.
There are lots of model research proposals out there, so I suggest you take a look around online to get a sense of how these are typically written.


School Bullying
How to stop bullying in schools using sports
1 Introduction
1 Problem Statement
In recent decades, there has been a problem in most schools related to bullying. The cases of bullying reportedly have been on the rise with each day. Different measures have been put in place to help reduce bullying, but the issue has been elusive. It is multifaceted as it shows the inherent issues in the education system and parenting CITATION Not13 \l 1033 (Notar & Padgett, 2013). The victims of bullying suffer mental and physical scars that go on to affect them long even after school. their performance also is affected adversely. So, a better strategic and multifaceted plan needs to be put in place to rescue the voiceless and defenseless children who have suffered from bullying. This proposal aims at conducting primary research and finding out whether sporting activities in schools can help reduce bullying in schools. This goal is pegged on the fact that games increase interaction between children and forms strong social bonds that can help them resist bullying.

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