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Religion Writing Assignment Project: Rwanda Genocide (Essay Sample)


Pick a Country that has had human rights issues
o War
o Genocide
o Disparage between classes
o Revolutions
• Examine and discuss the issue which affected the country 40%
o What rights were deprived?
▪ Where they essential?
▪ How did people react?
o What dignity's were deprived?
▪ How did people react?
o Did the world know this was occurring?
• How would or did the Church respond to this incident? 40%
• Mechanics 20%
o Grammar
o Spelling
o Font (times new roman 12pt)
o Double spaced
o Citation of sources MLA standards
• MUST BE submitted

Religion Project: Rwanda Genocide
Rwanda got into a civil war following political and tribal conflicts in 1994. The conflict led to the murder of 800,000 to 1 million Tutsis (ethnic group) by the majority Hutu after the killing of their leader and president Habyarimana CITATION Ann16 \l 1033 (Brouwer and Smeulers). Many rights were deprived during this genocide which led to a severe humanitarian crisis in the country. Right to life, own property, freedom of speech and expression were among other rights violated during the Rwandan massacre. People were killed, maimed, raped among other despicable things during the three months. Most people reacted by fleeing the country to neighboring countries Congo and Tanzania. Few remained behind to fight the militia men who had express orders to kill.
The dignity of many people was soiled as they sought to survive the unprecedented massacre against an ethnic community. Some survivors were raped and disfigured which affected them even post the genocide. Those who fled the country acquired a refugee tag and were treated as such by the host countries with limited privileges in their respective host countries. The world knew of the Rwandan genocide and some journalists had warned of the impending conflict but they were slow to act. Actually, the UN withdrew its troops after five days into the conflict when 10 of its soldiers were killed CITATION God13 \l 1033 (Mwakikagile).
The church was partly responsible for the Rwandan massacre. The catholic church has maintained that it bears no responsibility despite admitting that individual members of its clergy were guilty of terrible crimes. Vincent Nsengiyumva, Father Athanase Seromba and Father Wenceslas Munyeshyaka are some of the priests who have been granted asylum in Italy by the catholic church despite their alleged involvement in the genocide CITATION JJC16 \l 1033 (Carney). Some, like Father Wenceslas Munyesh...
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