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Bryce Robert The Real Problem with Renewables, Describing Particulars (Essay Sample)


Please take look requirement!!!! I can give you two sources
Bryce Robert. “The Real Problem with Renewables.” Web May 11, 2010. Accessed Feb 6, 2018
Philibert, Cedric.
“Three Reasons why Renewable Energy is so Important to the Power Industry”. Web May 13, 2015. Accessed Feb 6, 2018

Professor’s Name:
Renewable Energy
Providing Context
In 2009, President Barack Obama drew applause as he addressed Congress. The statement which endeared him to the often tough and no-nonsense Congress was: “We will double this nation’s supply of renewable energy in the next three years.” In the past decade, talk of the world doubling or tripling its efforts towards the global supply of renewable energy has ruled the mainstream media. However, how real or reasonable is renewable energy as an option or alternative to non-renewable sources of energy. When people talk about renewable energy, many refer to the advantages which Philibert (2015) cites as “growing price competitiveness, long-term certainty, and energy security.” However, no one delves deeper and talks of the economic viability of renewable energy as an alternative to non-renewable energy. Robert Bryce is the only exception, and he does not mince his words as he gives his view of the issue. Bryce (2010) is indeed informed and seems to bring to light new information which may not have been entertained before during this discussion. He talks of the four imperatives, that is, power density, energy density, cost, and scale as he seeks to help make certain ignored issues clear.
Research question: I am studying the energy problem because I want to find out whether renewable energy is a viable option or solution towards the depleting natural resources.
Describing Particulars
This research is intended for the energy enthusiasts, government strategists, researchers, and anyone else who is interested in the world’s energy story. There have been numerous discussions concerning the energy sector, and people need to be informed but with the right information. World leaders also need this information because it will help them to discuss the energy issue with more context or perspective on the matter. Energy is an issue that traverses all corners of the world, and therefore, this research is for all sectors and every stakeholder in the energy industry.
When it comes to the evidence to be used for this research paper, primary and secondary sources will indeed be used. As for the data or information, I intend to conduct interviews as well as administer questionnaires to the respondents. For this research, both qualitative and quantitative methods will be used to help answer my question.
Renova solar
Tentative Interview Questions for Renova Solar personnel:
* What is solar energy?
* Would you say that the world will reach a point where it depends on any other source of energy?
* Is solar and other renewable energy sources viable options in replacing non-renewable energy? If yes, why?
* What is the economic viability of replacing non-renewable energy with renewable energy?
* Can the world afford to switch to renewable energy completely?
* Is there a possibility for renewable energy to cause more damage than good?
Explaining Significance
The energy problem affects everyone in the world. With researchers warning us of an imminent end to the world’s natural resources, it is indeed essential that the world braces itself and looks for alternative options to the current non-renewable energy. While some people are convinced that renewable e...
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