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Renewable Energy Final Exam. Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Based on the electricity and energy summits, outline a plan to move the US off of fossil fuels. You should include a timeline, budget, explain the geography of where and why each source will be used (map helpful but not required) and how you will convince the public this is needed.
Explain why technology should be focused on clean coal technology and better emissions not renewable energy.
Choose one energy source that you did not cover in the energy summit and write a sales pitch for its role in domestic use as the US moves off of fossil fuels.
Choose a renewable energy source or alternative to fossil fuels that was not covered in class and explain why it should be in future classes.


Renewable Energy Final Exam
Renewable energy
The fossil fuels receive more subsidies than the renewable fuels these subsidies be eliminated to support growth in clean and efficient energy sources. The proposed plan is to choose energy resources from geothermal, hydro, nuclear, solar PV, solar thermal, wind offshore and wind onshore. The fossil fuels - coal, oil, and gas are still the main sources of energy in the world, but there is an increased recognition that there is a need to change the energy mix to reduce dependence on these fuels and mitigate against climate change. Introducing any restrictive legislation to ban diesel vehicles and limit power plants banning coal may be ineffective as this may appear as government overreach, at a time when the plans are still underway to integrate renewable energy. Maximizing the utilization of renewable energies to decarbonize the energy supply is the first step to encourage the use of renewable energy which will be the main sources of energy and nuclear energy for 10-20% of the is fossil fuel-free energy production.

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