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Reading Response (Essay Sample)


This is a reading respond paper. 
In the response paper you must:
- Identify the text and author
- Briefly summarize the main argument/issue raised by the author.
- Contextualize the argument/issue raised and how it relates to the course.
- Respond to and critique the paper (this is not just an emotional response i.e. “I didn’t like the paper”)
- Try to connect the reading to other topics covered in the course.
- If you use quotes, cite them appropriately.
here is the link of the reading part. https://www(dot)elementascience(dot)org/articles/23
its a bout Geoengineering redivivus
and the course is understand climate change. ( science of climate change)
I highly appreciate that the writer pay attention to this paper, cause I was not sattisfied with my previous paper. 

Course Title:
Reading Response
In my junior school, I learnt about the harm that is already introduced into the world by climate change. This global climatic change seemed inevitable and persisting. I also learnt that there were already strategies to curb these rising global changes. However, all these attempts were aimed at reducing, but not eradicating the effects. I longed for a strategy that would totally deal with the climate change. However, I knew this was next to impossible. The commentary "Geoengineering redivivus" by Brad Allen presents an analogy to the thinking I had in my junior school. Allen clearly presents the idea of geoengineering technologies and the effectiveness of these technologies. Allen is for the idea that while there is the perception that geoengineering technologies can respond to these effects of climate change, they will only be less effective unless a lot (including change of perceptions, heavy investment and research) is focused on them.
Geoengineering technologies are defined in a narrow manner as interventions into the system of the earth. They are categorized into two categories, carbon dioxide removal (CDR) systems and solar radiation management (SRM) systems. The two work by capturing the air and reflecting the solar energy respectively. Their benefits and risks are not categorized well partly because of the opposition the concept has received from the communities with these climatic changes. Moreover, the benefits received from one category are accompanied by harm, which may not be eradicated by the other category. This makes the climate effects to...
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