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Reading Respond on 'Art in the Time of Global Warming' Written by Antony Gormley (Essay Sample)


This paper is a reading respond.
In the response paper you must:
- Identify the text and author
- Briefly summarize the main argument/issue raised by the author.
- Contextualize the argument/issue raised and how it relates to the course.
- Respond to and critique the paper (this is not just an emotional response i.e. “I didn’t like the paper”)
- Try to connect the reading to other topics covered in the course.
- If you use quotes, cite them appropriately
This course is about science of climate change. such as global warming. 
the required reading will be in attached files.

Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
Response Paper
The article is titled “Art in the Time of Global Warming” and is written by Antony Gormley. One of the main arguments presented in the article is the connection between the arts that people use with the desire to survive. The need to engage in industrious activities pushes people into setting up more factories and other important resources such as shops. This also offers people an opportunity to engage in and support artists since they can set up museums and art galleries. It, however, contributes to the pollution of the environment and the acceleration of global warming.
The article is related to the course, Science of Climate Change. This is because it focuses on discussing aspects of climate change and how human activities contribute to the rapid occurrence of climate change observed today. He raises his concerns over the destruction of the earth due to human activities, primarily focusing on climate change.
The author raises a topic that is discussed in the course. He points out how human activities, even those we deem important and unavoidable contributes to global warming. He raises awareness amongst the readers to ensure that one takes responsibility for their actions and thereby conserve the environment. It further relates to the topic of ways of conserving the environment since the author urges the readers to participate in the conservation process by setting an example. He states the activities he is engaging in to ensure environmental conservation.
The author is able to successfully present his arguments to his readers since he is able to give examples that the reader relates to, for example, the building of shops and art galleries, and how they contribute ...
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