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Race and ethnic Relations questions (Essay Sample)

I need this paper by Monday night it is answering the questions #3,#5 and #6. I need one full page for each questions. Thanks doris. Where is my discount. source..
3: Please explain the important differences among the following:
Differences between Migrant and Immigrant
Immigration and migration are often confused by a lot of people. But the truth is that both all are associated with the movement of individuals between nations, though they have different meanings. Migration is mostly used to illustrate the movement of persons, or even animals between nations. This is a lexicon under which immigration and emigration lie. In reality, migration is employed when you refer to the movement of persons between nations; thus coming into and leaving a country. For instance: Following the Second World War there was mass migration globally. Additionally, immigration is about people moving into a new country. For instance: Lucas immigrated to Canada from his native country at the age of five.
Important differences between refugee and asylee
Theoretically, refugees and asylee are similar. The main distinction is the locality of the individual during application for residency. In USA, asylee is someone seeking protection from persecution in another county either legally or illegally while a refugee is an individual outside United States and has fears of being persecuted. A refugee must be endorsed for relocation while an asylee is allowed to apply for asylum status upon arrival in the native country more than twelve months if they have valid reasons. Unlike asylum status, refugee resettlement in the USA the law stipulates that a certain number of people can be granted such an opportunity. The law requires that refugees apply for residency twelve months upon arrival while asylee are eligible to apply for residency upon approval. Additionally, during the application refugee is outside the native country while asylee submit their application while the native country or at the boarder/airport.
5: How is women’s subordinate position different from that of oppressed racial and ethnic groups? How is it similar?
Individuals are inspired by cultural paradigms as well as biological aspects. One perceived faction of individual working to subjugate other is all about maintaining or accomplishing cultural supremacy of that racial faction. Whereas the general pattern for women to be coerced into subordinate status concerns male chauvinism in contemporary social settings. Both patterns, although not motivated by similar imperatives, are exclusively natural, even with the ability to conceptual thou...
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