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Public Health Crises Social Sciences Essay Research (Essay Sample)


1. The Atlantic: https://www(dot)theatlantic(dot)com/ideas/archive/2020/03/when-outbreak-victims-are-children/608962/
2. BBC: https://www(dot)bbc(dot)com/future/article/20200325-covid-19-the-history-of-pandemics
Essay: (5 paragraphs)
Body paragraphs
As a society, what lessons should we learm from our handling of past public health crises?


Lessons from Past Public Health Crises
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Lessons from Past Public Health Crises
Infectious diseases have posed a threat to global public health over the centuries. More humans have died from infectious diseases than anything else. A look into the death figures of pandemics in history highlights the devastating impact it continues to have on human lives. For example, some of the deadliest infectious diseases in history, like the 6th-century plague of Justinian, claimed 50 million fatalities. Again, nearly 200 million lives were lost during the 14th century Black Death. While in the 20th century, Smallpox killed some 300 million people. These diseases are usually caused by bacteria, viruses, and parasites (BBC Future, 2020). Currently, the world continues to be ravaged by the COVID-19 outbreak, with the situation escalating. This paper looks at the lessons public health agencies can learn from past global pandemics.

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