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Problem And Solution About Plastic Bag Issue (Essay Sample)


The aim of composing an argumentative research paper is not only to summarize existing perspectives or simply to inform readers about a topic. You have been developing these skills throughout the course, and you should use them to support your writing process, but they are not ends in themselves; rather, they are a means to achieve more complex rhetorical objectives. Your aim for this assignment, specifically, will be to construct a research-based argument for a solution that contributes something new to an ongoing scholarly conversation about a problem. Specifically, you will propose a detailed solution that it is possible to implement in response to a real problem. The instructions described below are designed to guide you through this process.


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Problem and Solution about Plastic Bag Issue
Plastic bags are a menace to the current society in regards to its overall effect on the environment owing to their wide range of harmful effects to plants, land animals, aquatic life, and to humanity itself. Environmental organizations, governments, other wary institutions are making efforts to reduce the use of plastic bags and hence reduce their harmful effects. Indeed, plastic bags play a significant role in human life, but their adverse environmental impacts outweigh their positivity and hence the need for a lasting solution such as recycling against the proliferation of their use.
The world is currently engaged on a universal platform on ways to conserve the environment through various forums aimed at enhancing environmental awareness and responsibility. The rate of air pollution is at an all-time high, and its repercussions felt around the globe by almost every nation even with the most conscious environmentally. The negative impacts do not necessarily affect a region or a nation that is notorious for biodegradation, but it is rather consolidated in comprehensive adversity referred to as Climate Change (Abduall, 2011). The phenomenon is shifting weather patterns around the world, causing catastrophes through heightened temperatures, and changing wind patterns. The natural ecosystem hangs in the balance as the main agents behind the climatic change remain reluctant or hesitant in taking preventive measures to stop the escalation of the deteriorating situation. Plant life and the entire animal kingdom are dependent on humanity's proactive ability in mobilizing and coordinating efforts towards eradicating or simply reducing environmental and air pollution.
First and foremost, it is important to get the facts right on their origin and the shocking statistics on their use around different regions in the world. The petroleum industry produces plastic bags as a by-product among other plastic materials that find themselves at the disposal of human beings. Nevertheless, it is the use of plastic bags that beats all the other plastic appliances. Supermarkets and other shopping centers, for instance, use them to pack the customers' shopping while some of the products being purchased are usually packed in the same plastic bags. In a world population of 7 billion people, approximately 5 trillion plastic bags are used annually in what translates to the daily use of 700 plastic bags per person (The World Counts, 2018). The fact that people use about 160,000 plastic bags per second is not only shocking but a fact arising from the highlighted statistics. Out of the 5 trillion bags used in a given year, 300 million find their way into the Atlantic Ocean and thus affecting the aquatic life (The World Counts, 2018).
Surprisingly enough the use of such a large amount of plastic bags is not problematic at all but rather the disposal of the same once it has achieved or completed the intended use or task. The majority of human beings throw away the plastic bags after using them like any other waste products into their trash cans. The disposed of plastic bags have certain qualities that make non-biodegradable and thus cannot decompose once thrown away into the environment. Apparently, it takes a single plastic bag up to a hundred years to decompose and be incorporated into soil nutrients. Some individuals tend to burn used plastic bags by burning, a method that creates a range of harmful effects to the air that are not only hazardous to the people but the animals and plant life as well. Evidently, the irresponsible disposal of plastic bags has a range of adverse effects to the environment, including human health, aqua system, plant and animal life, as well as its negative impa...

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