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The Political Development Of Two Middle East States (Essay Sample)


Explain and compare the political development of those nation states at three key points. Be sure to address all specific questions in your essay


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The Political Development of Two Middle East States
Governments across the Middle East face a wide range of problems every day, but all those governances and socioeconomic issues have helped them progress and shape the future of their citizens. Countries reliant on energy exports keep looking for paths to diversification, while energy-poor nations need to adopt strategies that help them boost exports and grow domestic markets. At the same time, water scarcity is taking a severe form and governments have to strengthen their political system as soon as possible. Without a strong political system, the Middle East states can never pave their ways towards progress and prosperity, and thus they cannot deal with the problem of water scarcity. In short, the challenge of improving governance to bolster economic growth is urgent in countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar (Al-Turaiqi 08).
The area of modern-day Saudi Arabia consisted of four main regions: Al-Ahsa, Southern Arabia, Najd, and Hejaz. Ibn Saud founded the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1932 and decided to unite these four regions into a single state. In 1992, the Basic Law declared that Saudi Arabia is a monarchy ruled by children of King Abdul al Aziz al Saud and that Holy Quran is the only constitution of this state, which is governed on the basis of Islamic rules and regulations. Saudi Arabia has neither any political party nor national elections are held here. The ruler's grip is limited because he has to observe Islamic rules and traditions regardless of his power, fame, and money. He also has to retain religious leaders and other significant elements in society. If he doesn't do so, the chances are that he will be replaced within a few weeks (Lacroix and George 11).
Saudi Arabia is one of those few countries where Islamic rules are observed, and every citizen has to remain within his limits. For instance, you would have to offer prayers, five times a day, regardless of the nature of your job or health condition. With time, Saudi kings have developed a centralized system to ensure the provision of maximum facilities to the public. Since 1952, the Council of Ministers has been formulating general policies to strengthen the political system of the country. The main elements of this council are a prime minister, two deputy prime ministers, twenty ministers of defense, three ministers of state, and a couple of advisors and hear of autonomous organizations (Hurewitz 13).
The king combines executive, judicial and legislative functions, and royal decree forms the basis of Saudi Arabia's legislation. The king also works as the prime minister and is responsible for handling all the projects. He sometimes meets the representatives of the United States, Canada, England, China and other countries, to exchange new ideas. The king has to make sure that no laws are broken in any part of the country, which gives us a feel that Saudi Arabia is not under the supervision or pressure of another country. In ancient times, the concept of colonialism was introduced by Europeans who believed that they are the only rulers in the world and had a right to defeat political or superior parties of all countries (Lester 17).
For this purpose, they started killing the rulers of other states and soon dominated more than 70 percent part of the world. Saudi Arabia also remained under the influence of those colonials but for a few years only. Soon Saudi Arabia established itself as a separate state and did not allow Europe or another superpower to interfere with its personal matters. With time, the political, social and economic system of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was strengthened, and today it has become one of the most developed and wealthiest states in the world. It's ...

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