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Basic Income Policy From a Libertarian, a Rawlsian, and a Communitarian Standpoint (Essay Sample)


check the topic and criteria from the upload files, week 9 reading and the book Justice: A Reader by Michael Sandel should be the only sources and quotation.


Basic Income
Basic income is defined as a payment which is done intermittently to individuals without conditional work related requirements and its characteristic of cash payment, individuality, Universality and unconditionality. When basic income is availed frequently and in satisfactory quantities, it greatly contributes to social and cultural integration and becomes a basis for laying strategies for poverty alleviation.
The concept of basic income is debatable regarding how the issue on fair income can be harmonized to create a just economy in the society. Contrary to the Marxists, democratic or egalitarian liberals suggests that under special circumstances, there are imaginable situations that the society can meet the requirements of fairness and social justice. Basic income theories suggest that in society, fairness and equality can be achieved without exploitation as far as income is concerned. Political theorists propose that every citizen regardless of race or gender should be entitled to basic income. The proposals have however been neglected due to disagreement under various conditions. This paper will assess the basic income policy from libertarian point of view, communitarian approach as well Rawlsian perspectives.
Basic income concepts suggest that even if fairness does not justify equal income, it is not right to justify basic income by divesting every aspect of equality and commitment to basic crucial income. The aspiration of universal or equal basic pay is hunting the economy worldwide. Political theorist, social science scientists, philosophers and economists among other concerned agent from all levels of considerable enterprise are focused on distorting the old opinion on basic income and replace with the new understanding coined with the principle of fairness.
The Michael Jordan early retirement case in 1993 is a good example of libertarianism. Through taxation, there is wealth redistribution although the individual is deprived of his freedom of own choice to support the initiative or not. This concept of depriving the rich of their wealth to redistribute to the poor can be equated to stealing. Another analogy that explains this relates to a needy kidney patient, requiring a kidney transplant has no right to demand it from a healthy person (Sandel 67).
Libertarianism advocates for liberty for all in the society and other people’s needs do not take precedence on the individual’s rights. The issue on equal rights is clearly attributed to the different forms of freedom granted to the whole population. Equal rights for local endowments and freedom to access the community resources is the major contributor to social asset. In the same way, an individual may argue that the theory on liberty in basic income argument greatly depend on the reasons given concerning liberty and the importance of equality. In a similar manner, it will not be wrong for one to suggest that equal share contribute to societal growth although basic income schemes can be structured in a way that can exploit the members. Libertarianism approach does not focus on assessing the value of other approaches but rather limit the argument to value or importance of liberty in basic income allocation (Abizadeh, 39) Classical liberalism or flexible approach cannot be used to deliver or provide an explanation favoring the arguments on basic income. In any case, schemes in favor of basic income may institute taxation to all members’ income hence shifting the burden from the sources to an individual. The general concept of libertarianism indicates that the society may develop basic pay plans that do not adhere to state requirements but maintains liberal plausibility based on equal distribution and other provisions

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