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Police misconduct. Police organization and management class. (Essay Sample)


its for my police organization and management class


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Police Misconduct
Police officers hold significant responsibilities since they enforce the law that is enacted and implemented by the justice system. They are entitled to maintain law and order, which makes people well-organized in society. However, in some cases, cops fail to fulfill their obligations in their line of duty. One of the things that significantly contributes to the ineffectiveness and inefficiency of law enforcement is police misconduct. In particular, police misconduct entails the unethical and illegal activities or the violation of people’s constitutional rights, which occur when cops are performing their duties. Some of the renowned examples of police misconduct are fraud, torture to get confessions, dishonesty, coercion, sexual assault and harassment, police brutality, and the abuse of authority (“Police misconduct”). Cops who engage in such things do the opposite of what they are expected to do. For instance, instead of creating order in society, rogue police officers cause confusion. In some cases, they hinder proper criminal investigations, which exposes people to danger, particularly when law offenders remain in the community while innocent individuals suffer in jail for the crime they did not commit. Police misconduct is a significant problem that needs to be eliminated in society, which is the reason why the paper focuses on various ways to address this issue.

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