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Application Question: Pluralism And The Death Penalty (Essay Sample)


Introduce the Pluralism theory and duties which included in the filed, and explain it applies to the death penalty, for example, what would a Pluralism say about death penalty, and use duties to explain why briefly explain what a pluralist would say is morally important when making a decision about whether or not to use the death penalty and why. Be sure to point out the duties that are most relevant in the situation and how they apply.


Value Pluralism
Like the name suggests, the theory of pluralism in ethics is one that aligns with the fact that there is more than one moral view. This is to mean that, there could be more than one competing views and the two do not have to necessarily be wrong or correct. It addresses the element of having two views of ethics that could both be viewed to be correct depending on which party is asked. One has to respect the fact that, this is a theory that calls for an open-minded approach. Where an issue such as a social problem can be analyzed using different approaches and there could be more than one solution. Each of the solutions will have its own compromises. This is what the theory tries to achieve; pointing to the availability of

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