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What Would A Utilitarian Say About Allowing Physician Assisted Death, And Why (Essay Sample)


The assignment is a discussion paper to use own word to discuss What would a utilitarian say about allowing physician assisted death, and why
Backgroud: Physician assisted death is when a doctor: (upon the request of the patient) knowingly and intentionally provides the terminally ill patient (a patient who have been given 6 or less months to live) with the knowledge or means required to cause their own death, including counseling about lethal doses of drugs, prescribing such lethal doses or supplying the drugs, and in some cases helping administer them. Many states do not allow physician assisted death for terminally ill patients
NOTE: It is the "why" part of the answer that is by far the most important.  It is this part that you will be assessed on.  This means that you must justify your answer using reasons that a utilitarian would give. Be as thorough as possible in your application of utilitarianism.
No resources needed but need to use book argument and  viewpoint.
Use book Materials to discuss the paper, The Viewpoint is Utilitarianism, and what will Utilitarian think about Physician assisted death, you can use google to find the Utilitarian's argument and view, but must cover some book information, please, thank you.


Utilitarian on Euthanasia
Euthanasia is one of the most controversial debates when it comes to healthcare, with a faction arguring for natural death processes and utilitarian arguing for patient freedom to choose dignified death. However, there is the utilitarian approach which I believe is founded on the patient centered care; allowing the patient to decide if, when and how they can end their suffering. This is specifically with the reference to terminally ill patients. Utilitarian theory is pegged on happiness for any course action that is taken.
In the case of patients with diseases such as terminal cancer, they suffer from critical pain, financial and emotional costs. As a health care professional having seen patients suffer from the impacts of suc

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