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Philosophy of Time (Essay Sample)

Th essay topic is: McTaggart divides time into an “A-series” and “B-series.” He further argues that it is the “A-series” that is essential for time. What is his argument for this claim? Are there any problems with it? Do you agree? Note: I would like one or more pages of critique - a ‘what you think section' I will attach 2 documents which are the sources for this essay. source..
Philosophy of Time
McTaggart divided time into ‘A-series` and ‘B-series` when interpreting time. He argues that A-series corresponds to people`s every day`s notions of categorizing time as past, present and future. He says A series is "the series of positions running from the far past through the near past to the present, and then from the present to the near future and the far future" (p. 458);. On the other hand, his arguments on B-series contrast the arguments for A-series. He refers to B-series as the position of orders from earlier to later. However, his further arguments stated that ‘A-series` is a very important element of any full theory explaining time. As a result, this easy will critically provide his arguments for this claim, the problems within the arguments, and my own opinion on the arguments.
He argues that, the reason as to why A series is important and objective as compared to B series is that, time always involves some change; as a result, change cannot happen if A series is absent. Even in the present of B series, without A-series, change is not possible. In B series, every relation is placed static, and every even is always same, that is, there is no even that can begin to be, or even cease to be. B series considers events as being immutable, but change must occur within such immutable events. Due to the fact that this can`t be objected, there is only one chance, and that particular chance is change in time as a result of the determination of events in question using A series terms.
He argues that the notion of change in time is very peculiar, in saying so, he is means that for time to become real, there must be a real change, and real change only occurs in a real A series. In this argument, McTaggart is implying that A series is very fundamental as compared to B series, whenever time is being looked at. He considers B series as being a temporal series, which lacks the ability to exist if A series is absent. This is because, there is nothing called time, if change is not there, and there is no change that can happen if A series is absent.
In case the temporal part is now removed from B series, the situation will be like simply ordering events, and if the list of such events is read starting from the bottom to top, the items on such a list will happen in a different progression in time from reading them from up to down. In his arguments, this is what McTaggart called the C series. This C series has no definite time ordering. In a mother way, there will be a convention that the list has to be read from bottom upwards according to B series. In itself, the list is a representation of events that are arranged from earlier to later but within it, it has no change, and it is forever fixed. Last but not least, a cursor can be placed against items as the list is being read, and the items below the cursor can be regarded as being past, and those ahead of the cursor ca...
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