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Philosophy of the Mind; Functionalism (Essay Sample)

Am looking for a strong writer, specialized in Philosophy of the Mind, who is both interested and capable of producing a very high quality essay. Philosophy of Mind: Functionalism. This is the question; What exactly is functionalism? Explain how functionalists appeal to the notion of multiple realisability. Discuss whether functionalism is more plausible than the identity theory as an account of the mind, give your reasons for the position you want to defend. Critically assess Block's version of the system response to the Chinese room objection. (Focus on the texts covered in the course). I have constructed a plan of roughly how i would like this essay; -Introduction, 150 words -1st paragraph, what is Functionalism? 500 words -2nd paragraph, how do functionalists appeal to the notion of multiple realisability? 500 words -3rd paragraph, is functionalism more plausible than jack Smart's Identity Theory and state reasons why. 500 words -4th paragraph, assess Block's version of the system response to the Chinese room thought objection. 500 words -Conclusion, 150 words The total word count is 2300 words. The texts that must be focused upon include: *Hilary Putnam. The nature of mental states. The Nature of Mind, D. Rosenthal (ed.), Oxford:Oxford University Press, 1991, pp. 197–203. *John Searle. Minds, Brains and Programs. The Nature of Mind, D. Rosenthal (ed.), Oxford:Oxford University Press, 1991, pp. 509–519. http://www(dot)bbsonline(dot)org/Preprints/OldArchive/bbs.searle2.html *Ned Block. The mind as the software of the brain, Sec. 4. An Invitation to Cognitive Science, edited by D. Osherson, L. Gleitman, S. Kosslyn, E. Smith and S. Sternberg, MIT Press,1995. Also found here http://www(dot)nyu(dot)edu/gsas/dept/philo/faculty/block/papers/msb.html#4) Braddon-Mitchell, D. & Jackson, F. Philsosophy of Mind and Cognition. 2nd Edition. Oxford:Blackwell. 2007. pp. 110-22. Fodor, J. Special sciences (Or the disunity of science as a working hypothesis). Synthese 28: 97-115, 1974. Turing, A.M. (1950). Computing machinery and intelligence. Mind, 59, 433- 460. Also at http://www(dot)loebner(dot)net/Prizef/TuringArticle.html ] I can supply electronic scholarly journals of the references marked with an asterisk. source..
Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Philosophy of the Mind; Functionalism Functionalism is a branch of science that majorly deals with the state of mind of an individual. Therefore, scientists argue that the behaviors of individuals are determined by the mind, scientists further states that the mind of an individual is the key determinant of an individual’s behavior. Scientists define functionalism as a theory based on philosophical process, according to philosophers some functions of the mind includes every feelings a person has, a persons thoughts Emotions, Reactions and Ideas (Putnam, 1991). Thus functionalism is seen as a person’s reaction as a result of the body of the person interaction with the surrounding environment and the stimuli that is released as a result of the interpretation of the environmental condition. The current environmental condition of the individual will trigger a stimulus aimed at corresponding with the environmental condition affecting the mental condition of the individual to react in accordance to the environment condition. These reactions will result to the body adapting to the environmental condition. Functionalist is a person or group of people, or a theory, which studies the human behaviors and uses the acquired information to develop new ideas that are to be used or to be later adopted by people living in a particular place or region. This idea has to be well planned and developed in order to attract the support of the people living in the region (Fodor, 1950). A good example is the case of a waiter in the restaurant who serves the customers and at the same time the waiter will clean up the mess caused by the customers once they are through with eating. Therefore, a functionalist is a person who creates room and ideas that facilitates the correct running of activities in a given place or area. Reliability can be defined as the theory of failures and this failure cuts across diverse ways that affects the people and individuals who depend on a given thing for the normal functioning of the organization or there own self benefits. Therefore, multiple reliabilities are a theory that is set to ensure that the various setbacks being encountered in life are well talked in order to realize the satisfaction of the concerned groups must work together. Hence, in order to realize the satisfaction of the services being offered to the individuals or specific group (Putnam, 1991). The notion ensures that all the sectors in a given population are supposed to be well cared of and the treatment that is supposed to be accorded to them should be in a manner that favors all the section in the population. Therefore, this notion is to oversee the equal distribution of the resources to the people at the same time the organizations that offer there customers with resources, goods and services strive at giving there clients high quality of services and improved services. Making it easy for the clients and patients to experience happiness and also appreciate the services provided to them. Functionalists are therefore supposed to offer good ideas to the entire society this is by providing people with reasonable ideas that facilitate the correct functioning of the society. Therefore, this theory will help sustain the society by ensuring that the ideas and processes they are engaged in yields productive results. Functionalists in one hand are seen as the driving force of a given idea aimed at realizing the success of a given condition or situation this will contribute to the society realizing great success. This is by encouraging the varied groups with different responsibilities in the society to work as a team in realizing the success and satisfaction of the people depending on the services. Therefore, in the end of it this ensures that all the parties involved in this process get satisfied results that will...
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