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Non-State Actors in the International System (Essay Sample)


What are the main types of non-state actors in the international system and how do they differ from one another? Please discuss their main differences and use examples to illustrate their differences. In what way have the proliferation of non-state actors challenged the sovereignty of the nation-state?

Non-State Actors in the International System
The formation of the international system is increasingly becoming intricate as a result of the inclusion of several components. Previously, states acted as vital units of the international system. However, other agents termed as non-state actors have been included in the formation of the international system, contributing to the complexity of the formation process. They do not belong to any particular state, though they might have their headquarters in a particular country, but their activities go beyond the borders of that country. They help nations during difficult times such as in war or natural calamities, and influence both internal and foreign policies of states.
Types of Non-State Actors in The International System
There are three types of non-state actors, Interstate Government Organizations (IGOs), Interstate Non-Government Organizations (INGOs) and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs).
Interstate Government Organizations (IGOs) are important players in international politics, and are formed when several states come together opined to mutual interest. In some instances, they develop policies, which can infringe on the policies of a single state. They are classified based on their membership and their purpose. The association is sometimes regional and specific. Their principal activity could be political, economic, social-cultural or military. The most common IGOs include the Northern Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), International Monetary Fund (IMF), Organization of American States (OAS), Organization of African Union (OAU), and the World Bank (Carlsnaes 112).
Interstate Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) can also be termed as transnational organizations. They have an i...
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